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Author: Phil Bradley
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Year: 2013
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Author: Phil Bradley

The highly anticipated new edition of Phil Bradley's internet search "bible" is here. Since the last edition was published Internet search has changed dramatically. This new edition, rewritten from scratch, addresses these changes and enables the reader to grapple with the complexities and challenges of the modern online environment. New chapters include 'The Google Experience' and 'Social Media, Social Search', while some old favourites such as 50 hints and tips for better searching are updated. QR codes within the chapters direct you to appropriate online content providing a truly interactive experience This handbook will be of use to all those searching the internet for information, whether you are taking your first steps or are becoming more expert. It is a useful tool if you need to teach others how to search the internet efficiently. Although the text pays particular attention to the use information professionals can make of the internet, it will be helpful to anyone who wishes to find information quickly.

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