Board of Directors

AOFIRS Board Members

The AOFIRS Board Members serve as an Elected Officer that is mainly responsible for regulating and implementing professional standards along with designing the framework of governance of the association and its goals, mission, and objective of being. We are very proud to have such a fine group of Directors that has poured so much passion and given us the most valuable strategies that make AOFIRS stand out in the
area of Internet research.

Naveed Manzoor

Naveed Manzoor


Designation: CEO & Executive Director

Region: Toronto - Canada

Board Member Elected: Board of Directors

Email[email protected]

Mr. Manzoor is an experienced Information Technology (IT) professional with expertise in “Search Engines Technology Development”. He is one of the founders of AOFIRS and an Author of several books on topics related to Web Search and Online Investigative Research. He has worked extensively on Natural Language Recognition Intelligence that allows search engines to interpret speech and find Web content. Mr. Manzoor has proprietary designs on similar technologies.  He has co-authored an acclaimed research paper on "Taxonomic Query Search Engine - Essential Elements for Next Generation Search on the Internet". Mr. Manzoor holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Telecommunications from USA along with BS in Business and Finance.

Jay Brown

Jay Brown


Designation: Board Member - Advisor Data Analytics & Data Research

Region:  Vancouver - Canada

Jay is an accomplished hands-on Data Analyst, Business Analyst, and IT Project Management. He has been involved in Provincial Education System and Curriculum Development.  Jay has extensive experience in customizing applications to perform best results for Business Intelligence software. He is a DPAC Rep, a Member of British Columbia Education Technology Committee, Member of Advisory Committee (Port Coquitlam) Education District SD43 and an NCCP Certified Coach.

Chris Wesley

Chris Wesley


Designation: Director - Course Development

Region:  Toronto - Canada

Chris has been an educator for the past 35 years. He is M.Ed and an MBA/MIS in Information Systems from the University of Toronto. Chris has served for many years in the education industry and later ran his own professional research firm. Chris likes to develop educational courses and enjoys teaching, coaching and conducts seminars. Some of his best-trained professionals hold key positions as senior corporate managers, CEO's and high up government officials. Chris will serve AOFIRS as the head of course development and design seminars.

José Barros Dias

José Barros Dias - RETIRED


Designation: Director Online Courses

Region:  USA

Mr. Dias designs and audits online courses. He is in the process of forming an oversight board for reviewing and implementing governance to the profession. Mr. Dias has served with Western Europe Accrediting Society and Accreditation Council for Distance Educational Audit Commissioner and served on Board of Governors for many years. He is a serial educationist, he enjoys building tailored curriculums with passion. He is an MS Digital Media Sciences from Oglethorpe University, USA backed by BS - Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Management from EU Business School, Madrid.

José Barros Dias

Lionel W. Poizner


Designation: Director Governance & Compliance

Region:  Global Compliance


Mr. Poizner is an Engineer and a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He specializes in product and process improvements and maintains and formulates policies, compliances and uses techniques and tools for AOFIRS services improvement and quality assurances. Mr. Poizner is also a hands-on in "Online Product Marketing" and looks after strategies and education services packaging alongside their smooth delivery, quality controls and international e-commerce compliances.


Frank W. Cosley

Frank W. Cosley


Designation: Board Member - Advisor Clinical Research

Region:  Toronto - Canada

Mr. Cosley has a background in managing "Big Data" and "Database Analytics". Having obtained MS in CS and BioMed Science from the USA. Mr. Cosley has an extensive background in teaching "Database Management" and "Data Analytics" at the university level - He has been working in Clinical Research area for the past 23 years. Mr. Cosley is responsible for designing large-size hospital database and data analytic systems. He has recently retired and decided to work with AOFIRS as a Board Member and also actively participates in designing our new courses that will be announced soon.


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