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Zabasearch Free and Advanced People Search Engine

By  Martin Brinkmann

Zabasearch is a free search engine that allows you to look up information about people such as their names, addresses, phone numbers, and birth year.

People search websites have a negative reputation on the Internet for two reasons: first, many are designed to provide information only after users pay money; and second, many are designed to provide information only after users pay money. Second, the information submitted may have been retrieved without permission.

The basic edition of Zabasearch is free, and searching for people on the site will provide some information. The service does not require you to create an account or make a payment before displaying the information.

Advanced data searches, such as performing a background check, searching by phone number, or verifying a phone number and address, are only available through the premium Intelius or US Search services. In this sense, as an advanced people search engine, Zabasearch operates as an affiliate of these organizations, redirecting your inquiries to the other service, where you will be required to pay before receiving the information.

Zabasearch Free People Search

Zabasearch provides numerous alternatives for conducting searches. The basic version is loaded automatically when you start this process. You can use it to enter a name, such as Bosco Albert Baracus, and immediately search for it, or you can limit the results to a specific U.S. state. On the next screen, the results are automatically displayed. Zabasearch shows the page's number of hits and lists each entry's name, address, and, in certain cases, phone number.

The majority of the links on the page lead to the paid services Intelius or US Search, although there are a few that don't. Each name in Zabasearch has a "google" link next to it that you can click to conduct a Google search for the name.

This can be useful to search for additional information using Google. Other search engines are not linked, and you need to run searches manually using them if Google does not deliver the right results.

Zabsearch Advanced People Search

While looking for less common names like H.M Murdock may not be difficult, searching for common names like John Smith may result in a significant amount of data. 

Zabasearch is a free advanced people search engine. Zabasearch's advanced search version has a solution for this. While the basic search engine allows you to filter results by state, the advanced search takes it a step further by providing additional fields for you to fill out:

  1. First Name
  2. Middle Name
  3. Last Name
  4. City/Town
  5. State

The more fields you fill out, the more the results are filtered. Searches appear to be limited to 100 in the free edition of the search engine. This is an excellent technique to display more results because you can theoretically fill out more identifying fields or perform separate searches for each state.

Where is Zabasearch getting its information from?

One question that may arise, particularly if information about someone you know or yourself is listed by Zabasearch, is where the people search engine obtains its data.

According to Zabasearch advanced people search, the information displayed when users utilize its search functionality comes from a "wide range of public record sources." The corporation does not disclose these sources, but it does suggest that it uses public phone book records, property transactions, voter registration records, and information from sweepstakes participation. 

Basically, any publicly disclosed information, whether through the sources indicated above or on Internet sites, such as social networking sites, may be gathered up by the company.

Zabasearch performs as a search engine in the same way as Google does. It is specialized in that it concentrates on human information, but the underlying functionality that powers it is the same as that of other public search engines.

Can you block your entry?

Zabasearch may suppress some information from users who file a request with the company.

As a courtesy we can 'opt out' your specific information from the ZabaSearch Advanced People Search service. What this means is that your name as it appears in a particular record and the associated identifying information such as your address and phone number will be suppressed if you request this in the manner described below. However, please note that any time your identifying information appears in a public record in a manner which is different from the record you opted out, it will again appear in our system. (For example, if your address or area code changes your new information will again appear unless you opt out the new record.) There also are many other public records search services which are not owned by ZabaSearch and your request that we opt out your information will not prevent your information from appearing on these other services.

To do so, users must authenticate their identification by faxing a valid copy of their ID to the company. These requests may take up to 6 weeks to be processed by the company.

You may also investigate the actual source of the information. Zarasearch pulls the information from public sources. This means that the information that the advanced people search engine displays has to come from somewhere. If you identify the source, you may be able to change or pull the information so that it is no longer available publicly.

What is Zabasearch Premium?

Zabasearch Premium is a free premium version of the people search engine that is open to users who connect their Facebook account with the search engine.

It provides users with more search results, and should not be confused with the "Premium Services" options that Zabasearch lists on its pages as well.

Connecting with Facebook will only increase the results that you get, but won't enable you to run background checks or use the search by phone number feature for free.


Zabasearch is a people search engine that focuses entirely on the United States. It provides free basic information such as names and addresses, as well as phone numbers and birth years.

The advanced search bar allows you to narrow down results more effectively by providing more alternatives for filling out information that is processed by the search engine.

It may be a useful beginning point for people's searches, but you may want to complement it using public search engines and other sources.


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