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You might be able to customize the Bing homepage soon


Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has changed a lot since its initial launch. Originally launched in 2009 to replace Microsoft’s Live Search, which was in turn a replacement for MSN Search, there’s been plenty of new designs for the search engine over the years. Earlier this year we reported on an improved homepage design that was being tested, and it seems yet another A/B test has begun. This test is currently appearing in Microsoft Edge on a single account, and it’s unknown if it will appear outside of the United States.

This test allows users to customize the Bing homepage, and it’s pretty early along. My account’s profile picture only appeared as a placeholder image (when it showed up normally in browsers where the test wasn’t taking place), and it seems like it might be expanded upon.

The notification that lets you know if you
The notification that lets you know if you’re in the test

You’re initially notified if you’re one of the people in the test, as a popup (pictured above) shows up to tell you you can customize your Bing homepage. Whilst your original thought might be that you can change the homepage background to one of your choosing, that isn’t the case. You’ve got two new options – the ability to hide your interests and news on the bottom bar, and the ability to hide the menu bar.


Bing’s new options menu

Hiding the menu bar doesn’t totally hide it, however. It removes its background, as well as the items on the left side, simply leaving the right side awkwardly sitting there. It’s presumed that if this does roll out this might change.

The Bing homepage with the menu bar disabled
The Bing homepage with the menu bar disabled

It’s currently unknown when this will roll out – if at all. The previous A/B test we reported disappeared after around a month, and we’ve yet to hear about its return. This is a far more simple change, though, so there’s a higher probability of it reaching every single Bing user in the future.


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