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Yahoo! loses first search engine partner after scandals

The fallout from the recent scandals that hit Yahoo! has begun with StartPage.com cancelling its partnership and saying it will drop search results from the Internet pioneer by the end of October.



StartPage claims to be the world's most private search engine. Overnight, its chief executive Robert Beens said Yahoo! search results would not appear in his company's metasearch platform Ixquick.eu.

"We are not the only ones disturbed by Yahoo!’s lack of openness about major privacy violations," said Beens.

"Even though Ixquick.eu can’t be affected by Yahoo!’s government ties because of our strict privacy protections and our location outside US jurisdiction, we no longer feel comfortable partnering with them."

In September, Yahoo! confirmed that the account details of 500 million users had been leaked two years ago.

Then, early this month, reports emerged that Yahoo! had acquiesced to a request from either the FBI or the NSA to install a program on its servers to scan emails in order to find specific information.

And while Verizon struck a deal to buy Yahoo! in July, the wireless company appears to be having second thoughts about going through with the transaction.

The digital rights group Fight for the Future has now launched a "Dump Yahoo!" campaign urging users to delete their Yahoo! accounts.

“Yahoo! has made it easy to walk away,” said Beens. “Most of our users have already switched to our flagship private search engine StartPage.com for superior search results.”

He said StartPage.com has become popular because it delivered the best of two worlds: Google search results, and StartPage’s own privacy safeguards.

Another reason for StartPage’s popularity is its location in the Netherlands. The search engine is not subject to US laws like the Patriot Act, and cannot be forced to comply with US dragnet surveillance programmes, like PRISM.

“The Yahoo! scandal illustrates why being based outside US jurisdiction is so important to our customers,” said Beens. “People who care about privacy know that it’s very hard to trust US Internet companies with their data because the government can force them to spy on customers.”

There has already been discontent among users of Yahoo!’s major search partners DuckDuckGo and Firefox, and recently DuckDuckGo removed references to its partnership with Yahoo!.

Source : itwire


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