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Writing a Book from Start to Finish: A Proven Guide

By  Charlie D. Kenney

Most of us harbor fantastic concepts deep within our minds with secret ambitions of becoming an author. We daydream about how we will create an impact through our book. The truth is that many of us never even get to the writing stage of the process.

Since most people are unable to put this dream into action, the great ideas and stories that they want to share never become a reality. With the proper assistance from PenFellow, becoming an author is something you can accomplish. Your commitment is required if you want to write and concentrate on it. It does not require nearly as much effort as you probably believe. You will finish writing your book in no time if you have the proper steps in place. Stay on this guide to learn the guidelines for writing a book.

Proven Steps for Writing a Book

You need a detailed plan before you can start writing a book. Examine and implement the proven steps that follow to write your book:

Develop your Concept for the Book

You may already have a clear idea of what your book will be about. It is also possible that you struggle to choose between a million concepts for the subject matter. In either case, it is a good idea to ask oneself a few basic questions before beginning to write.

Create an Outline of your Narrative

Creating an outline can take the form of visual maps that offer a graphical depiction of the general path that your text will take. How you choose to organize your writing does not matter. The essential thing is that you have a plan for your subsequent sessions.

Carry out some Research

Conducting research is an essential skill for professional writers to have. It can provide helpful background for the context you are writing about or the character archetypes you intend to write about. Consume content in the form of books or podcasts that covers topic matter comparable to your own.

Determine your Target Readers

To become a successful writer, know your story, then educate yourself on how to tell it and to whom you should say it. After choosing your text's focus, the next step is to learn the individuals most likely to be interested in reading it. This will assist you in writing it in a way that will appeal to them.

Set a Deadline

The next thing you need to do is schedule a specific time by which you will have completed your book. Find out how long it takes to write from start to finish. Then, determine how long your deadline ought to be based on this information.

Choose the Title of your Book

The title is the first thing readers remember about a book. Create a title that will entice people to pick it up, flip open the cover, and read the whole thing. In any case, you should strive to come up with a title that is catchy and simple to pronounce. Ensure it conveys the content and sticks in the reader's mind.

Start Writing

When you first start writing, don't worry about creating perfect sentences. Don't keep going back to make infinite changes to the text. Make it a goal to create a draft as riddled with errors as possible. This is not because you want to create a poorly written book, but rather because this is how drafting always is.

Edit, rewrite, and reevaluate your work

After writing, it's time to edit your work and eliminate errors in your text. At this point, it is recommended that you work with an editor who can proofread your work and provide you with comments.

Publish your Book

When you complete your book, it is time to get it in front of your readers. You can select a publishing house to get the relevant work done. Another option is for you to self-publish your work.


The process of writing a book may be tedious, but it does not mean that it is impossible.

Without the aid of someone who has completed this task previously, you run the risk of making critical errors. Take things one step at a time, and make it a point to keep your mind on the task at hand. Mastering how to write a book requires a significant amount of mental and physical effort and dedication. Write one step at a time, edit when you are done writing, and publish your book when you are ready.

Author's Bio:Charlie D. Kenney has had a few books published in the academic niche. He received an award for the most dedicated writer in his company. Charlie makes book writing easy for young students with a passion for writing.


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