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Why Should Someone Get a Degree in Electrical Engineering

By  Erin R. Goodrich

If you’ve thought about studying for a degree before, then what’s stopping you? What’s holding you back from succeeding? A versatile degree in electrical engineering can help you realize your full potential. It can also help you build a sustainable career that has both potential for success and room for growth. Being certain about what you can get from a degree in electrical engineering is important. Once you have this certainty, you can then start focusing your efforts on your future.

Job Opportunities and Career Prospects

Those with a degree in electrical engineering are always high in demand within the workforce. They are also in demand in several industries and sectors, such as the telecommunications industry. The career prospects and job opportunities on offer to someone who possesses an electrical engineering degree are often unrivaled and unmatched.

Having the versatility to be part of several industries and career paths and have countless job opportunities (with room for progression) is what every candidate dreams of. The career prospects once you have a degree could mean that a management or leadership position could be next on the horizon for you.

Personal Progression and Fulfilment

As well as getting the fulfilment of working for others, you also get to feel a sense of achievement, and fulfilment when you get your electrical engineering degree. Once you’ve earned your degree, you’ll find that personal progression will feel natural. Doors will be opening for you, and you’ll be able to see how much you can achieve. Personal progression is important to any role or career, and with a specialized degree, you’ll be able to invest in your personal progression.

The Chance to Have a Versatile Career

Even though you’ll be studying a specialism, this doesn’t mean that your end goal (your career) won’t be versatile and diverse. After all, there are a lot of opportunities for electrical engineers to work within different sectors and different countries. You may find that a role takes you to work for a telecommunications company on the other side of the world. Or you may find that a fixed position and career opportunity allows you to live in another state or country.

Versatility in your career ensures that you won’t remain at a standstill. With an electrical engineering degree, the world’s your oyster, and you can try out many roles to find out what suits you best.

Top Tip: Versatility in your career helps you stay relevant. Always keep an eye on what future predictions are and monitor industry standards to ensure you keep up with other engineers. If you fall behind, that versatile career may be out of reach.

The Opportunity to Make a Difference

You’re not just helping yourself with a degree, you are also likely to help others too. Electrical engineers solve problems, and they work to make things better for the consumer and customer. This could mean that they improve how a person carries on with their work. Or it could mean they improve the communication links between family members. An electrical engineer who’s straight out of their studies can also expect to have a positive impact on other new up-and-coming engineers. Leading the way and showing them the opportunities on offer.

Building a Sustainable Career

There are not many roles or careers that are truly sustainable. However, with an electrical engineering degree, you have the chance to build a sustainable career. Over time, you can enhance your skillset, and this can make you more attractive to future employers and roles.

Within a position, you could utilize your transferable skills, experience, knowledge, and problem-solving. Analytical thinking will help you see what opportunities there are for your future. A sustainable career can give you more than a steady income, it can give you peace of mind and this is important for having that key work/life balance.

Supporting Others Through Your Work

With a degree, you’re going to find that you have even more potential to support others, whether this means you support other engineers with their work and their roles, or it means you support those who you work for. Supporting others through your work means that you are in demand, appreciated, and valued. There are not many degrees you can gain that will allow you to find rewarding and meaningful work.

You may also find that, over time, you support other new electrical engineers. You may support them with their studies, or you may support them in their first year. Your time studying and learning has provided you with a great deal of knowledge and awareness, and it’s important that you share this with others.

A Good Salary is On Offer

The salaries of electrical engineers can vary. However, in some companies, an electrical engineer with a degree can expect to earn a size-figure income, especially once they have twelve months plus of experience under their belt. A good salary means that you’ll have a good standard of living.

A lot of roles and positions are highly competitive, and when there are spikes in the demand for engineers, you’ll see that the salaries increase. In addition to a good, solid financial package, you can also expect to have access to a great selection of benefits including healthcare, dental and 401(k) plans.

Top Tip: Always focus on more than just a salary. Focus on what you’ll get from an employer. For instance, will you get the chance for further personal and professional progression?

Skills and Knowledge are Acquired

You want to build a career as an engineer with a degree, and this is important. However, along the way, you’ll be gaining other additional skills, such as the ability to manage your time effectively. This will be important if you’re balancing your studies alongside work. You will also gain skills and knowledge that will help you with report writing and help you to become a little more patient.

Enhancing your skills and knowledge base will help you become a well-rounded professional, and it’ll help you see clearly just what you want (and deserve) in your future.


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