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Where to Look For Jobs in Spain: Top Job Boards and Websites for Expats

By  Rebacca Smith

Spain is famous for many things, including a vibrant soccer scene, culinary art, and bullfighting. The country also teems with enchanted beaches, architectural marvels, and a thriving economy, making it a top destination for expatriates. 

Landing your dream job in Spain is more accessible than in many European nations, thanks to the country’s growing economy. The process is even less hassle if you work with credible websites that provide genuine and lucrative employment opportunities for expatriates. 

This article looks at the top platforms for ex-pats to find jobs in Spain. But first, let’s review certain aspects of Spain’s economy that make the country a preferred European destination for expats.

How Big Is Spain’s Economy?

There are multiple websites where you can go searching for jobs in Spain. Many of these sites go beyond the call of duty. In addition to aggregating available employment opportunities in the country, they also endeavor to match job seekers with the correct openings depending on their skills and qualifications. 

All you need to do is sign up for an account with the website and specify your talents and academic credentials. Then, simply wait for feeds or notifications when someone in your industry is hiring. 

But before we delve into the best places to search for jobs in Spain, you must arm yourself with basic information on the country’s economy. 

Recent statistics indicate the Spanish economy registered a 5.5% growth in 2022. The country's gross domestic product (GDP) stood at USD 1.427 trillion, while its gross national income (GNI) was 1.94 trillion PPP dollars during the same period. GDP per capita was USD 30,103.51, while GNI per capita was 40,910 PPP dollars. 

Spain is also one of the most diversified economies. The country's most thriving sectors include manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, financial services, apparel & footwear, textiles, and tourism. 

With all these in mind, it’s understandable why many ex-pats are jostling to share in Spain’s immense economic potential.


6 Best Job Sites in Spain

1. Yobbers

Yobbers is a leading online recruitment firm that links job seekers with potential employers worldwide. The agency provides its clients unique opportunities to work abroad by aggregating thousands of available jobs in their industry. 

Yobbers maintain an intuitive and aesthetically appealing interface. 

You can search for jobs directly from the search function at the website's top. You could also register for a free account to unlock more services, including the ability to receive personalized job feeds.

2. Infojobs

Infojobs is widely considered the #1 job search website in Spain, and understandably so. The platform maintains over 40 thousand active jobs and more than half a million actively registered companies. Users can create profiles as either job seekers or employers. 

Another thing that sets Infojobs apart is its employer branding services. The company is dedicated to changing an employer’s brand image among its current and prospective employees. 

However, note that Infojobs is predominantly available in Spanish. Remember to adjust the language settings if Spanish isn’t your native language.

3. Trabajos

Full disclosure - Trabajos is a top recommendation if you're looking for blue-collar jobs in Spain. It's an excellent site if your interests are in waitressing, bar jobs, package deliveries, tutoring, translating, and similar part-time jobs. 

That said, Trabajos also maintains thousands of listings in the white-collar department. So you can be sure to find the job you’re looking for. 

Simply register for an account on the website to get started. You could also download the Trabajos app, available on both the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Job Sites in Spain

4. Indeed

Indeed needs no introduction. The website has been a trailblazer in linking prospective employees with employers worldwide. It maintains a significant presence in the Spain job market too. 

Indeed uses an aggregated job-finding function that lets you sift out irrelevant listings to quickly home in on the opportunity you seek. 

Most jobs on this platform are city-based. Expectedly, the focus cities include Madrid and other major cities like Barcelona, Malaga, and Valencia.

5. Tecnoempleo

As the name rightly implies, this job search website was founded primarily with tech professionals in mind. Listings on the platform are mainly in the computing and telecommunication industries. 

But while that might sound like a deal breaker, it’s reassuring to know that prospective employers can discover quality talents from 500,000+ IT professionals already signed up to the website. 

Like Infojobs, Tecnoempleo provides high-end employer branding services through online promotions and company reviews.

6. Infoempleo

The first thing you'll love about this job search website is its uncluttered interface. Every proper function is located within reach, making the site remarkably navigable. 

Infoempleo boasts over 6 million registered users and more than 80,000 active clients. That says a lot about its reliability as a recruitment agency. 

Potential employers can benefit from Infoempleo's customized job advertisements to quickly attract the right talents. Besides, the company maintains its training portals spread across 35+ different locations.


Final Word

There’s no shortage of websites and job boards where you can find lucrative employment opportunities in Spain. 

As a parting shot, remember to sign up with a site that publishes thousands of new listings every month. It’s also best to consider platforms that maintain numerous job categories, incredible uptime, and responsive customer support.

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