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‘When will …’: This India map shows Google auto-complete results, and it’s SO cool


How many times do we start typing a search query on Google, only to have the work made easy thanks to the search engine’s auto-complete feature. But have you every wondered what makes Google suggest what it does? How does it manage to read our minds… or not!

Well, according to the most-voted answer to the same question on Quora, “Google Autocomplete uses a combination of factors related to the last 10,000 searches, in your geographical location, your own bookmarks, most visited sites from your web history and the behavior/suggestions of your contacts to predict and reflect trends related to you personally provided that you are logged in or use a GPS enabled browser or mobile device.” (And this was answered by a Google advocate and beta tester, in case you’re wondering.)

So, effectively, how Google completes your query is a reflection of what is being most searched with those words and in that region. Which is what makes this Reddit India post extremely fascinating. An India map – made by a Reddit user – shows what Google auto-complete shows if one were to type “When will” and then insert the name of the capital of an Indian state — and the results are most fascinating.

Apparently in Delhi, people are most curious about university results (that seems like a nice thing to be concerned about), Mumbai people want to know when the city will sink (and THAT is quite alarming), Chennai is fun and wants to know when the Super Kings will return, while most other parts of India is concerned about monsoons. What is troubling, though, is that all of the north-eastern capitals haven’t logged anything at all. Suggesting a dearth of search there – or maybe it suggests that people just have a varied search pattern.india-auto-complete_759-full.jpg

To see if this map was accurate, we actually tried the search on Google, and there was no denying the search pattern was bang on. Go try it for yourself!

Source : indianexpress


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