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What Online Consumers Can Expect from the Gadget Future

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If you take a look at some futuristic predictions from the past, you can see that thirty or forty years ago scientists believed that the future would be dominated by computers. They were only partly right. According to some data, there were about 2 billion personal computers in the world in 2015. And yet, as it seems today, at the beginning of 2017, it’s not PCs that will dominate our future. What we will witness in 2017 and beyond is the reign of large computers (servers) and gadgets. The former ensures full usability of the latter since Internet access is the key feature of modern gadgets. But how will all these trends affect modern online consumers?

The great escape to mobiles

A report published by Ericsson predicts that 90% of the total number of smartphones in the world will be covered by fast Internet connections by 2020. Due to the increased number of people who search the Web via smartphones and tablets, many new opportunities arise for them to improve their online experience. For instance, website owners and designers customize their websites, so that they can be accessed from various devices. What’s more, smartphones have altered the way we search the Internet. As a result, Web developers need to gather more data about their customers, in order to anticipate their searches. By doing so, they improve their chances of targeting their customers’ needs in advance, so as to increase their revenues. However, it also yields a lot of benefits for online consumers, since they’re often given some special offers that save both time and money.

Saving private data

Needless to say, every search you make on the Internet is tracked and stored by search engines. They need those data to learn more about your habits and desires. This lust for information can be understood since it brings the aforementioned advantages for both online consumers and marketers. Nevertheless, smartphone operating systems often pry into your online habits more than you would expect. For instance, they track the position of your smartphone.

That way, when you make an online search in a certain area, you’re targeted by ads for that specific region. Moreover, they also save your voice searches and other private data. This is why smartphone users should learn more about their privacy, to stop undesired tracking. Otherwise, you might share more than you want with your search engine. You can never tell who can use such data in a dishonest way.

Online services

No future without online services

The practical nature of cutting-edge gadgets makes them perfect for a seamless online presence. No matter if you’re on a bus or in a local café, you can easily access the Web via your gadget. Since the number of gadgets and their users is rising, online businesses are also in expansion. Moreover, as more and more people have access to fast and reliable Internet connections, the online business race is also becoming hectic. The greatest benefit a contemporary digital consumer has is that they can count on a wide range of services available online. From user-friendly media streaming services to eCommerce websites and gaming platforms, many great modern features can be accessed on the Web.

What’s more, companies offering those options make significant investments in software release management, which increases the quality of those online services. To top it all off, we can expect an even more advanced delivery of various online features, due to the unlimited nature of Internet development. All those innovations are something we should look forward to since they’ll raise the bar of convenient Web search.

Although desktop computers and laptops still play an important role in our everyday lives, gadgets determine the contemporary digital zeitgeist. What’s more, they also accelerate the speed at which technology is becoming an inseparable part of our lives. While online consumers already experience numerous benefits from those new trends, they should also pay attention to some shady areas, such as online privacy. Therefore, gadgets and the tech perks they bring should be used in a responsible way, to utilize their benefits and reduce any undesired effects.

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