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What Does an Internet Research Specialist Do? - A Beginner's Guide

By  Dileep Thekkethil

You probably would have heard of an internet research specialist or may even want to become one. 

But what does an internet researcher do?  Why research is important?

Do you have to master a complex skill set that requires years of training and experience?

Or is it something you can learn in a few weeks? 

In this post, we'll answer all your questions about what makes up an internet researcher's job description so that you can determine if this is right for your skillset.

What does an internet research specialist do?

An internet research specialist is a person who leverages the internet to perform focused research on specific subjects or topics. They work with companies and organizations to provide them with accurate, data-based information that helps make informed decisions to refine the process or drive results.

Internet research specialists also organize and store required information pulled out from online research to make it simple to retrieve at a later date. This involves analyzing data and interpreting their findings.

Additionally, they conduct interviews with experts, such as scientists and doctors, who can provide valuable insights about an industry or topic of interest. 

On the marketing side, an internet research specialist would be able to provide information about companies that are of business interest and specific contacts of decision-makers of an organization, such as email addresses and phone numbers.

In fact, any digital agency that does blogger outreach services needs a well-trained internet research specialist to identify the influencers who can be reached out to for spreading the word about their client's brands.

The truth is that these professionals are adept at handling data management tasks. They have advanced knowledge of how to use the search engine Advanced Search Operators and know how to find reliable online sources, including scholarly research, industry publications, think tank documents, and anything else that would be related to their projects.

Internet Researcher Skills

Internet researchers have the ability to find information quickly and efficiently. From the marketing standpoint, performing keyword searches and analyzing data from various sources like social media and email marketing are some of the core activities associated with an internet research specialist. 

Additionally, creating reports or research-backed articles to discuss their findings and sharing them with others in an effective manner are some of the key skills that organizations look for when hiring an internet research specialist. 

Internet researcher skills include:

  • Knowing how to optimize a search query so that it finds the most relevant results is an important skill for an internet researcher.
  • Internet researchers use data analysis skills when interpreting search results so they can find the right information based on what users are looking for in their searches.
  • Internet researchers often use social media marketing skills because they know how important it is for companies and organizations who want credibility within certain communities (such as Twitter) and post newsworthy items directly related to those individuals/communities without being too promotional or commercialized (i.e., no ads).

Internet Researcher Job Requirements

  • Education:

You must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering or another related field. An associate's degree is not sufficient for this job.

In addition to your educational qualifications, you must also possess at least two years of experience working as an internet researcher before being hired by an employer. This can include internships and other types of training opportunities that hone practical skills related to the job description you've been given. 

The exact length of time is up to each company; some may require only five months, while others prefer six or even seven years! If it's less than four years but more than one year, then there will likely be some additional training required as well.

In most cases, you don’t really need a certificate to become an internet researcher, but it can be very helpful when applying for jobs.

How to Become an Internet Researcher

If you have the right qualifications and the drive to succeed at an internet research job, then becoming an internet researcher may be for you. 

There are several different paths to go down before landing a career as an internet researcher. 

However, a majority of people who work in this field will do so after completing a bachelor's degree in computer science,  information systems, information technology (IT) or some other related field.

In addition to having strong communication skills and analytical thinking skills (which all Internet Researchers must possess), they also need strong computer skills. 

They spend much of their time researching data from online databases and other sources, such as Google Scholar or Amazon Sales rank.

Internet Researcher Work Environment

How to do internet research? An internet researcher works in a team. If you're searching for a job that has a fast-paced environment and requires working in teams, this can be the perfect one for you! 

Internet researchers have the freedom to work remotely or at the office based on the requirement of the job. 

They usually follow standard business hours and use computers to conduct their research for information. 

A lot of the work is done independently, which means they need to be self-motivated to be able to keep up with tasks. Companies hiring Internet Research specialists are looking for individuals who can handle their workload while also meeting deadlines without external supervision. 

As you gain experience as an internet researcher, you can slowly climb the ranks in your company or become an independent consultant. 

You can dive into a specialty like medical research or environmental investigation. In most cases, internet research specialists can build their portfolios to manage teams of researchers while they develop a robust career.


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