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What are Advanced Search options?

By  Jerri Collins

 Source: This article was published By Jerri Collins - Contributed by Member: Bridget Miller

Advanced search options are a set of very useful features offered by most search engines and search tools on the Web. Advanced search gives the Web searcher the ability to narrow their searches by a series of different filters; i.e., language, proximity, domain, etc.

The Most Common Advanced Search Options

A rundown of just a few of the most common advanced search options can be found below:

  • Language (you can specify which language you'd like results to come back in)
  • Region (specify which geographical region searches should be centered on)
  • Last updated date (when the article content was last updated; if you're looking for something on current events, for example, this becomes especially important)
  • Site or domain (you can limit your searches to just one site, or you can limit your searches to just one top level domain. This is a great way to really narrow down your search field, and can greatly improve the quality of your results. You can read more about how to do this in these articles: How to Search Within a SiteHow to Search Within an URL, or How to Search Within a Specific Domain.)
  • Where the search terms appear on the page (do you want your search terms to appear anywhere on the page? Or would you rather have them found right next to each other? It really does make a difference - you can also accomplish this simply by putting your phrase in quotes. You can learn more about this very useful technique by reading this article: Use Quotation Marks to Search For Specific Phrases)
  • Safe search (this offers the reader filters for language, explicit images, etc. Sometimes this still doesn't do the trick; you can read more about keeping away from potentially dangerous websites by reading this article, How Do I Avoid Dangerous Websites?)
  • Reading level (determines what reading level you'd like the results to come back in)
  • File type (did you know that you can actually search for different types of files on the Web? Yes, it's true - not only can you search for standard HTML files - aka the standard Web page, but you can also search for MS Word documents, PDF files, and much more. Learn more about this incredibly useful search technique by reading this article: How to Search for a Specific File Format)
  • Usage rights (find pages that you have permission to use)

Use Advanced Search Options to Make Your Searches More Powerful

More examples of advanced search options can be found at the following resources:


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