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Image To Text Converter - Top 3 OCR Online Tools To Use In 2022


OCR is one of the paramount technologies for writers. So, which of these remarkable tools should you aim for?

Using an OCR tool has many implications for the writer. It can improve productivity and help writers achieve better results in mere seconds. It helps extract texts from images and physical manuscripts without any delay and ends up saving much more time.

While this technology is around 92 years old, it is more important now than ever. Since the virtual text is in higher requirement now than it ever was before. However, in order to benefit from OCR and its remarkable effects, one needs to pick the right tools for it.

That's why it's important to understand the bases of the technology itself, as well as the fundamental essentials that drive it. So, let's dive in and find out:

What Is OCR?

OCR or optical character recognition is the technology used for recognizing characters present on a physical or virtual manuscript. The technology employs certain optical elements to read each character, one after the other.

Then, it introduces these characters to a specific program/algorithm and converts them into words. This process effectively reads and writers words from papers or images into virtual text forms.

While the technology first came into existence in 1929, it has since become highly advanced.

Nowadays, OCR has various types and is employed for various purposes. Some of these types include:

  • Optical Word Recognition or OWR
  • Intelligent Word Recognition or IWR: Primarily for hand-written or crude texts
  • ICR or Intelligent Character Recognition: Same as IWR

These three major types are what many mobile phone apps use today. Moreover, paid programs and software on computers use them as well. However, mobile apps and online tools render these programs obsolete.

That's why OCR has become one of the key technologies for writers. It's readily available, and it's mostly free. Furthermore, businesses and marketers employ it just as much, making it one of today's essential techs in data entry.

Top 3 Online OCR Tools In 2022

From reading cursive texts to extracting texts from scanned documents, OCR in today's world has evolved remarkably. That's why picking a tool with all these features is necessary. Moreover, it needs to be online in nature—for better convenience.

Then, if the tool provides a mobile app solution, that's even better. So, these are some of the things we kept in mind when making these tools. So, if you're looking for a viable solution in OCR tech, then these hand-picked tools are ideal for you.

 Not only do they offer free usage, but they're also ideal for extensive usage. So, let's dive in and see these top 3 OCR tools in 2022.

1. (Quick Extraction) or Image to text converter is one of the best tools that you can use today. It's a remarkable tool with an easy-to-use UI. All you have to do is browse the image from which you wish to extract the text.

Then, the tool takes around 5-10 seconds at max before it presents the extracted texts from the image. It copies the punctuations and other intricate details as well. This alone makes it worth your while, as it ensures 100% duplication of the image text.

On top of that, it offers a remarkably light mobile phone app. Which makes it ideal for students and professional writers as well.

image to text 1image to text 2

2. (Best Overall) Image To Text Converter is the best in business today. It has everything you need in an OCR tool. It depends on algorithms that employ the aforementioned tech, such as IWR, OWR, and ICR. This factor alone makes it the best-overall text extractor.

The tool itself is remarkably light in nature. So, even on the weakest of internet connections, you can easily use it without any hassle.

However, this tool's only two minor drawbacks are its lack of a mobile app solution and its one-image-at-a-time policy.

image to text 3

3.  (Quick & Convenient)

Editpad's text from an image is a great tool for quick and convenient solutions. It employs the same algorithms as the earlier two tools. However, it somehow performs quicker.

Compared to the first two tools, it takes around 2 seconds to extract text from a single image.

However, it also has a minor drawback: the lack of a mobile phone app. But, that won't be a problem with this tool, as it works just as well on mobile phone browsers as it would on desktop.

This alone makes it a remarkable instrument in any writer's arsenal.

image to text 4image to text 5

Benefits Of OCR In 2022

All these tools are great, but why should you be using them? Here are four reasons why:

Increased Productivity (For Students And Professionals)

One of the hindrances that writers face today is text extraction from physical manuscripts. While students are more frequently running into this problem, professional writers face it just the same. That's when a viable OCR tool can help make life easier for them.

Data Storage (For Businesses)

Storing data is a necessity for businesses today. It improves accountability as well as indexing as it allows for quicker searches.

So, data storage through these tools can be highly convenient for businesses that want to quickly look back into their histories.

Data Automation (For Businesses & Marketers)

Data automation requires one major element: data itself. That's why using data from physical texts, manuscripts, books, ledgers, and records is necessary for any business and marketer today.

That's when OCR allows them to extract the information from said mediums and use it for complete data automation.

Indexing Physical Text (For Everyone)

For writers, marketers, and businesses, indexing text for better access is necessary. Therefore, these remarkable tools can help them create extensive text indexes—extracted from physical counterparts. Allowing them to search through easily for any pertinent information.


All these exceptional tools can provide such great benefits. The top three tools in 2022 allow you better access to text and ensure that you extract the information you need—right when you need it.


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