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Top Google Flights Tricks You Should Know: Better Than Any Travel Agent


You might be aware of google flights. This travel search engine is capable of doing everything you would expect. It can locate flights according to your ideal time which may include inbound time outbound time and number of flights. It is based on the same technology that powers Orbitz and kayak.

This online tool is superior to any other human travel agent as the site includes all host of features that are difficult to imagine. There are few tricks involved while checking for the air tickets through google.

It is advised to use Google Flights on your phone where you may receive pop-up notifications informing you about the price increase for flight in the near future. These notifications may not be available for each and every route and you do not have any control over them after they appear. The trick is to predict the time to book the ticket before the prices may increase.

The best way is to search for the general region if you are not aware of the route or the destination. When doing so the map of the whole continent appears along with the prices. You can filter the options like duration of the flight, type of airline, and the fair.

If you click I am feeling Lucky button after opening the map within Google Flights. You just need to pick your departure spot than google will pick the destination based on your search history. The bar graph will tell you the flights with the lowest rates.

You can also notice the best combination of flights with price and speed. So you don't have to think about a layover or paying some extra amount for a nonstop flight.

Prices of all the flights are available every day for all thirty days in a month. The days with lowest prices are highlighted in green. You can understand the increase or decrease in the prices through the bar graph.

The tip bar helps you to understand the amount of money you may save in case you wish to fly earlier, later or from a different airport. You can compare the prices before making the final decision.

If you hit the button save the itinerary then Google now will track its prices. All this can be done through your mobile phone and you will receive messages about the latest updates.

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