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Top, Best Alternative Search Engines Prized for Their Privacy; Google, Bing, Yahoo Substitutes


Search engine alternatives to that of Yahoo, Google, and Bing, are highly sought by some users who really value privacy. If you are not fond of being tracked, below are some of the helpful best search engine alternatives you may want to check.

on the list for privacy-conscious individuals would be DuckDuckGo. The privacy statement alone assures users that it does not log personally identifiable information, according to How To Geek.

The said site has been gaining audiences since it was first launched back in 2008. The sense of anonymity has been highly valued by the site, which is why DuckDuckGo does not take note of cookies, user agents, and IP addresses.

However, if you can't get enough Google as your search engine, then you might want to try visiting Startpage. This particular search engine works by submitting your search to Google and returning the results to you.

What Google will actually see is not your information, but rather vast amount of searches from  Startpage's servers. Thus, keeping your privacy intact.

Similar to Startpage, Ixquick also functions the same. However, instead of searching on Google alone, it searches other sources.

Both sites somehow share basic site design and functionalities. Such connection may be associated with the fact that Ixquick is also being run by the same company running Startpage.

Another alternative also is Blekko. Although slightly similar to the aforementioned sites, Blekko records personally identifiable information, but would eventually delete it within 48 hours in contrast to that of Google's nine months policy.

Using Blekko may be something new for some users. The said site utilizes an initiative called slashtags, which makes use of "/" slash character for custom or categorized searches, according to Search Engine Watch.

If you really value your privacy, it would not hurt a bit to try the above-mentioned top and best search engine alternatives. Despite not being known to everyone, they serve their purpose very well.

Watch here below ways to be anonymous online:

Source: This article was published By Jacques Strauss

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