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Top 9 Education Search Engines for Students


Research is the most critical step when writing an academic paper. It’s nearly impossible for students to impress and inspire the assessor with their academic paper if it’s not well-researched. It needs to contain authentic and genuine information for credibility, and that requires a credible source with authoritative reference materials.

Research is the foundation of successful academic work. However, navigating the vast sea of information can be a difficult task for students. Any student sooner or later wonders: "Who could help me write my research paper?" and this is where professional research paper writing help services come in. These services offer a selection of educational materials and professional writers who carefully select and systematize information for you. By availing such services, students can be sure that their research papers are well-researched and delivered in the best possible way.

While most academic resources can now be easily accessed online, using search engines like Google can be quite frustrating. The reason is that popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are full of advertisements and click baits that can really deter your effectiveness. And if you’re lucky enough to find some nearly relevant information with the aforementioned search engines, you will notice that it is improperly (rarely) referenced, poorly formatted, and casually presented.

We both know that you can’t get away with citing WikiHow, Hubspot, or Wikipedia in your research paper. So what’s next? You need a list of search engines for students which will provide credible and authentic scholarly material for your use and reference – and for that, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of the top 9 Education Search Engines for Students that you will find rich in authoritative, accurate, and credible information for your academic projects and assignments.

If for some reason you still can’t find what you’re looking for or you are overloaded with other research papers or essays and still want to provide high-quality work with credible resources, you may try a custom writing service like CopyCrafter company has qualified and experienced authors that will deliver high-quality custom essays or research papers on pretty much any subject area. And for now, you may try it yourself, with the help of the following resources:

List of Best 9 Education Search Engines

1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a free, customized academic search engine designed specifically for students, tutors, researchers and anyone interested in academic materials. It’s the most popular research search engine for students and it lists academic resources across a wide range of sources. It allows students and researchers to find credible information, research papers and search journals, and save them in their personal library.

2. iSEEK- Education

iSeek is another widely used and one of the best search engines for students, educators, and scholars. It’s a reliable, smart, and safe tool for your academic research and paper writing. Since the search engine was specially designed with students, educators, and researchers in mind, you will be able to find credible and relevant resources that will ultimately save your time.

3. Microsoft Academic Research

Most people can associate with Microsoft products and brands, and there is no denying that the company delivers incredible quality and consistency in its project. Microsoft Academic Research is no exception; the search engine indexes a wide range of scientific journals and research publications from engineering and computer science to biology and social science. It has over 47 million publications written by more than 20 million authors. Microsoft Academic Research allows you to search resources based on authors, conferences, and domains.


This is the latest technology that helps students with their content writing needs. Whether you need to write an essay, a report, a blog post, or any other type of content, can assist you with its AI technology. You can use to generate ideas, outlines, titles, summaries, and even full texts for your content. You can also use it to check your grammar, spelling, and plagiarism. It is a useful tool for students who want to improve their content writing skills and save time and effort.‍

5. ResearchGate

If you’re a science major, you will love ResearchGate. In fact, chances are you’ve already searched for certain academic topics in Google and ended up on the ResearchGate platform. It’s a networking site for students, researchers, and scientists and provides access to more than 100 million publications and over 15 million researchers. Other than accessing the information, the platform also lets you ask researchers questions.

6. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha presents itself as a computational knowledge engine’ that provides results as answers. All you need is to type in the question or topic that you’re interested in like “What is the diameter of the observable universe?” and the answer will pop up. The best part is it doesn’t make you scroll through tens of pages of results. It doesn’t present search results as the other engines, but it’s great for students looking for quick, snappy answers to bits of questions as they go about their assignments and projects.


ScienceDirect presents itself as a leading and reliable full-text scientific database that offers access to journal publications, book chapters, and research papers. It’s one of the most popular science search engines for students with more than 20,000 books and over 2,500 journals across various scientific topics and domains. You will be able to access articles, book chapters, peer-reviewed journals, and content from topics and subjects like Chemistry, Computer Science, Energy, Earth, and Planetary Sciences, Engineering, Materials Science, Physics and Astronomy, Mathematics, and so on.

8. RefSeek

RefSeek employs a minimalistic design, which doesn’t look like much at first, but there is a lot going on in the background. It’s probably the most aggressive search engine for students as it pulls from more than 1 billion journals, research papers, books, encyclopedias, and web pages. It works more or less like Google, but it only focuses on or academic and scientific results without the distraction of paid links. So you can expect the most results from the .edu and .org sites.

9. Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)

ERIC is a reliable and informative online digital library that is populated and maintained by the U.S. Department of Education. The platform provides academic and educational resources for educators, students, and researchers with over 1.3 million publications. Students can find materials such as books, research papers, journals, technical reports, policy papers, dissertations, conference papers, and so on. The platform receives over eight million searches per month, meaning it’s a reliable and authoritative source of academic and research information.

10. The Virtual Learning Resources Center (Virtual LRC)

Virtual LRC is a search engine for college students which allows students to search and explore educational websites with authoritative and high-quality information. The search engine indexes thousands of scholarly and academic information sites ensuring that you get the most refined and relevant results. The platforms and the results you get have been organized by researchers, library professionals, and teachers around the globe to ensure that students easily get resources for their projects and academic assignments.

The importance of Search Engines has grown throughout time, as evidenced by the Association of Internet Research Specialists' compilation of a Search Engines List. This list includes web search engines, video search engines, meta-search engines, image search engines, academic search engines, blog search engines, directories, private search engine lists, people search engines, Q & A search engines, and research reports.


The above-named directories and databases are among the most trusted and highly reputable search engines for students to find credible, authoritative, and reliable academic resources. They offer information and references on all subject areas including chemistry, biology, physics, business, social science, mathematics, computer and technology, and environmental science.

Aside from these Education Search Engines, there are also plenty of more Best Educational Search Engines for Students and Best Education Search Engines for Academic Researchers listed here.
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