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Top 26 Advanced Google Search Tips, Tricks and Techniques


Google search is usually used in its non-advanced form, just putting the keyword inbox and hitting enter. After that Google does the rest of the magic. You might have heard the most polite google user, the sweet Nan who is putting “Thank you” and “please” in every google search. Google even praises 86-year-old for polite internet searches.

Luckily there is still a faster and more advanced way of getting your search done without being too polite with Google. There are advanced tips, tricks, and techniques in google that can be used to achieve the custom or filtered searches in google.

As in a fast-moving lifestyle, everything needs to be done efficiently, this is even true for Google Search. There are many hidden secrets in Google search, knowing those tips, tricks and techniques can make you the master at doing Google search, as you will be able to focus on your search by narrowing it down with advanced google operators.

By getting you acquainted with these advanced searches tips and tricks we are making sure that you will be able to find the hidden information rather easily, for instance looking for specific information or keyword on the website. Also, Searching for a specific word phrase in URL or negating some of the keywords while searching will be easier for you. This kind of search is known as the Google Advanced Search technique and tricks.

With these right tricks and techniques, you can find the right results…

Google advanced search is used for specific complex searches, which are not easily accessible through simple Google search. The advanced google search option has some requirements about your desired search for a better result rather than a simple one.


  • Medical universities of certain cities.
  • Searching a book with a specific title, heading, description, or author.
  • Google's advanced search has more accurate and filtered results than normal searches. Google advanced search works on special Input queries.

Why do we use advanced google search?

Google's advanced search option provides more favorable results in less time. Google advanced search helps you find the accurate result.

We are going to give you a lot of google’s advanced search tips and techniques right here. These techniques will help you to find your result more accurately in a very short time.

Google Advanced search options

1. Search in Page Title

A title page tag is an HTML tag for a web page, it defines what the page is about. If you are dealing with coffee machines and want to know more about your competitors in a similar domain, you can search in the page title and see what kind of product do they have.


  • allintitle: ‘place your search query here’
  • intitle: ‘place your search query here’

How to use

Searching for “best coffee machine” in title page

  • allintitle: best coffee machine
  • intitle: Yodiz agile management tool

2. Search in anchor text

Anchor text is hyperlink text, which is shown as highlighted in a blog or web page. Like you can hyperlink a productivity technique text in your blog.
User google searches you can even search in the anchor text which is hyperlinked, this is one of the techniques for SEO which is used quite heavily to gain more points from google when comes to page ranking.

Here is how you can search in anchor text


  • allinanchor: ‘place your search query here’
  • inanchor: ‘place your search query here’

How to use:

  • allinanchor: scrum
  • inanchor: Yodiz team productivity

3. Search in URL

If you are writing a blog, it will be good to know what are the existing blogs out there with similar keywords or titles, the best to do is to search in the URL of blogs or websites, you can use the bellow “allinurl” for this purpose


  • allinurl: ‘place your search query here’
  • inurl: ‘place your search query here’

How to use

  • Allinurl: product owner role
  • inurl: product owner role
  • inurl: Top SEO tools complete list free and paid 106 SEO tools

4. Search Missing Words

Find missing words in phrases by using the star technique. Just place the star signs around the missing words.
How to use

  • better to be *pirate then*
  • What can we gain you *if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates*

5. Search Result By Time

Google's “search result by time” technique allows you to find your result in a specific time period. Like if you are a follower of a blog, but you missed last month’s posts then this trick helps you to find only previous one-month posts.
First, search your query then after the result add “&tbs=qdr:h” at the end of the SERP URL.


  • &tbs=qdr:m – Results from last month,

How to use:

  • Search your result first like site: scrum
  • After result, appearance add the code (&tbs=qdr:m) in search result URL

Some other options

  • &tbs=qdr:s – Results from past sec,
  • &tbs=qdr:n – Results from past minute,
  • &tbs=qdr:h – Results from past hour,
  • &tbs=qdr:d – Results from past day,
  • &tbs=qdr:w – Results from past week,
  • &tbs=qdr:y – Results from past year,

6. Search Result by Date

You can also search for your desired result in a specific date range. After searching your result place the operator below at the end of the URL.


  • &tbs=cdr:1,cd_min:(Start Date),cd_max:(End Date)

How to use:

  • &tbs=cdr:1,cd_min:1/01/2010,cd_max:2/06/2012

7. Search using TO or OR

If you want to search results with several keywords then use the word “TO” or “OR”.
How to use:

  • football WorldCup 2009 to 2016
  • agile or scrum -rugby

8. Translate Quickly

If you need the translation of words then this simple google advanced search trick helps you a lot.


  • translate [word] to [language]

How to use:

  • Translate “how are you” to Spanish

9. Looking For Comparison

You can easily find a comparison of two different product

How to use:

  • Italy VS Germany
  • EU vs the UK

10. Exclude From Search Result

If you are searching for something and don’t want certain information to appear in your search then use “-” before the keyword to exclude in search.


How to use

  • SW development methodologies -waterfall
  • best agile books

11. Search for Differences

If you are searching for the difference between two words, then simply put the “ “|”” between two titles.
How to use:

  • Agile “|” waterfall

12. Quick Calculation

If you are in a restaurant and want to know about the tip percentage of the bill, then this simple google advanced search calculator will help you a lot.

How to use:

  • Tip calculator

13. Online Timer

Search online timer on google by simply typing timer.

14. Search for Title, Text in a Site

To Find a Specific Title, Text on Site easy this trick.
Find those pages whose titles are “Agile”, the text of the page is scrum, and find on yodiz site only.


  • intext:(Query) intitle:(Query) site:(Site URL)

How to use

  • intext:scrum intitle:Agile
  • intext:coffee intitle:chocolate – site:*.com

15. Search Time

If you want to know about the exact time of your location then type “time” and city name simply in the google search box.

How to use

  • Time Oklahoma

16. Know Your IP Address

Search your IP address by just simply type IP address in the google search box.
IP address

Search By Location

If you want to find a specific result like best IT universities in USA the replaces this code in your search engine box. Find a specific result on a specific location:

How to use:

  • USA: “Film Schools”

17. Convert Counting

If you want to convert a big amount of counting in English then use this simple easy trick.

  • Counting= Language

How to use

  • 11,200,670,000= Eleven billion two hundred million six hundred seventy thousand

18. Search Related Sites

If you are a chef and want to search other sites for recipes, or you are fond of reading blogs and searching more blogs then use this trick to find more similar sites.


  • Related: ‘place your search query here’

How to use

  • Related:
  • related:

19. Search Origin Of Word

If you are looking for any word's origin then simply type Etymology before the word.


  • Etymology (Word, Name, Place)

How to use

  • Etymology admiral

20. Specific Complex Search

If you want to find a result from a specific site with a specific phrase, exclude some keywords also, and want to search in a specific time period then alter this given trick to your search.

  • ”mobile”-apple 2014..2015

21. Search By File Type

Find PDF documents with a specific topic.

How to use

  • filetype:pdf Scrum vs kanban
  • Filetype:doc (Search Query)
  • Filetype:ps (Search Query)
  • Filetype:doc (Search Query)
  • Filetype:xls (Search Query)
  • Filetype:ppt (Search Query)
  • Filetype:rtf (Search Query)

22. Search By Domain Extension

If you are looking for a special government, educational or training site then use this technique to get a more efficient way.
How to use

  • OR OR “cancer research”

23. Search On a Specific Site

If you want to search for a specific result from a specific site then use this technique.

How to use

  • site admissions

24. Find Recipes

If you are fond of eating or want to search for any food item then use the given trick to get a more accurate results.


Recipe site: ‘place your search query here’

How to use

  • recipe site: ratatouille

25. Search Site Cache

If you want to search any site cache then simply type cache: now place site address.

  • cache:

26. Search for Exact Phrase

Use quotation marks for an exact phrase search, with the same words in the same order.
Place quotation marks (“) around the phrase you’d like to search for.

How to use

  • “31 Most Common Bad SEO Mistakes and Practices To Avoid”

27. Online Stopwatch

Search online stopwatch on google by simply type stopwatch.

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