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Top 10 Video Search Engines


This week is Online Video Week at R/WW, so our network blog AltSearchEngines went out and found the leading video search engines on the Web. Following is the list that ASE editor Charles Knight came up with – he used Google Video as the benchmark. What is your favorite video search engine? Let us know in the comments.

Also over on AltSearchEngines there is a Great Debate on Video Search. It features Mary Hodder of Dabble and Gary Baker from ClipBlast!. My favorite bit was when Charles asked:

“What would be your unique goal for the next two years (2010)? Increased market share? #1 in your Vertical? Powering the video for other search engines? Acquiring or being acquired? Some combination of these?”

Gary from ClipBlast!’s answer: “Yes to all.”

Nothing like having your cake and eating it too. But seriously, both startups also expressed interest in partnering with others – which is a feature of the Web in its Digestion Phase. Indeed Mary said that “Dabble‚Äôs DNA is about partnering (we have 170+ partnerships)”.

Here then is Charle’s top 10 Video Search engines:

    1. blinkx
    2. clipblast!
    3. dabble
    4. everyzing
    5. exalead
    6. Fooooo
    7. metacafe
    8. pixsy
    9. PureVideo
    10. VidSea


Source : http://readwrite.com/2007/08/23/top_10_video_search_engines/


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