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Top 5 Tools to Create an Engaging Social Media Widget

By  Monica

Nowadays social media is not just about sharing content on social media, this field is beyond the limits of social media. You need to reach the audience touchpoints to expand your reach. To do this you can use several strategies and methods, we’ll help you get them and will introduce you to the best of them. You need to use social media widgets to expand your content to websites, email campaigns, and other platforms.

Social Media Widget

You must be wondering what social media widget is and how you can use them. Well, it’s a tool to collect all your social media content and place it in one place on the website. Why do we embed our social media on the website? What’s the purpose of that? We are doing this to make our social media content visible to several brands and audiences present on our website. You’ll have many benefits to add social media widgets to your websites. This increases the visibility of your content as your website audience will have access to your content. Hence this improves the experience of your website visitors and they’ll engage with your site more. Users will stay on your website for longer because of the engaging and interesting social media content that you provide on your website.

Purpose & Benefits of Using Social Media Widget

As described earlier using social media widgets will bring enormous benefits for you. You’ll get to have maximum reach and your content will expand beyond social media audiences. Your business reach will increase as your website visitor increases. Social media is a platform where you create vibrant content that attracts your audience because it's different from the normal content that you produce for your website. Your audience will love to look forward to your content and they’ll come back to your website again and again. This will automatically increase the engagement rate and decreases the bounce rate. What else do you want to keep your audience engaged and create interesting content?

Tools to Create an Engaging Social Media Widget

Although there are several tools available online, you can use any of them but the most popular of them are discussed below:


What makes Juicer unique is that its sign-up is free and you wouldn’t find any difficulty while using this tool. All you need to do is to find the URL of the account and embed it within the Juicer dashboard. This will directly embed your social media content on your website. The procedure is so simple and comes with great benefits. Besides embedding your content it also has some other amazing features that include wall customization, content aggregation, and providing analysis of your content. What else do you want from a single tool? All such features are present in it and you can avail them easily.


You can leverage your social media content without putting much effort, also you can select your preferred social media platform. This doesn’t permit you to embed it on your website but you can do it on other marketing channels as well. You don’t need to put much effort as the method is simple and there are simple steps that you have to follow. Tagembed is considered the most affordable and convenient method for users. You can use some premium features even in the free forever plan. You need to upgrade it to explore more features.

Taggbox Widget

You would love to experience the Taggbox Widget as it's an ideal social media widget tool that enables users to increase the results and reach of their social media material. They include features like hashtags, handles, favorites, likes, and more to get social media content from more than 15 different social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

You also have access to capabilities like advanced moderation to eliminate unimportant social media content and limitless themes and customization options to design eye-catching social media widgets. Additionally, you have access to a simple embedding feature that allows you to generate an embed code and paste it into the website's backend. Increasing the Social Media Widget's visibility.

Embed Social

You can create and present your favorite Social media content on websites using Embed Social. You can embed your whole feed on websites that also have an auto-sync capability by utilizing a short piece of code. It contains features that let you quickly insert sliders, feeds, or layouts and give your widgets a polished appearance. Making it a responsive tool, the website is accessible even when the user is on a smartphone. You have options with Embed Social's assortment of social networking sites, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Social Feed by

You can easily have your favorite social network feed automatically displayed on websites using Power Social Feed. Utilizing a Widget that combines all of the social media content. They have a Design area where you can select several choices, like how frequently the social network content should auto-sync, how many posts to display at once, and the size of the template. The order of the social media updates cannot be changed, though. They automatically sync based on the upload time.

Now you would have a better understanding that how you can embed your social media content on your website using easy tools. No matter if you are sharing it with your Instagram account or with Snapchat, Pinterest, or other platforms. You would love to experience these tools and your followers will also enjoy your content. Now you don’t need to look for any other sources or difficult tools to share your social media content with your website visitors. Because we have explained the easiest and most seamless way of doing so. You don’t even need to create content separately for every platform, you can share it on several social media accounts. If you are looking to buy Instagram real followers, you can do so by simply contacting several providers that are looking your way to offer you amazing deals. This will increase your audience in less time on social media.


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