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Best Tips to Be Productive at Remote Work


Remote work is on the rise. To understand this better, analyze this data. Last year, 12.7% of full-time employees worked from home and 28.2% in hybrid mode. That means a total of more than 40% are engaged in some or the other form of remote work. This will grow even more as data suggests that 32.6 million Americans will work in remote mode by 2025. 

Seeing its popularity, you might also get a chance to work remotely, or if you already do then be more regular in it if you show to your employers that you are highly productive even when working remotely. Yes, there have been some different perspectives from the employer side and that’s why people across the world have been called back to offices. Here are the expert tips that will ensure that you perform exceptionally well and give your best when working remotely.

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1. Keep your computer optimized

A slow computer can delay your work and cause unnecessary frustration. With so many apps and software to use these days and consistent video calls, you need it to perform at its best. Remote work starts with a computer. Seeing this, you should clean and organize it regularly. IT support is readily available to remote workers but for some limited problems only.

There are certain things for which they cannot visit you personally or they might even find it difficult to resolve them online. Besides, there are certain things that you can simply do on your own without waiting for the IT team to provide you with help. This saves the time and effort of both parties. Consider this – your computer needs to be optimized. It’s a basic DIY thing that you can do without any outside assistance. If you are looking for an online resource, that will provide you with the perfect assistance, read more here. In simple steps, you can optimize your Mac and see its performance like it's a new device

2. Keep your communication channels open

You cannot work in isolation when in remote mode. There's a team you have to work with and leaders you have to report to on a regular basis. This makes it important to keep communication channels open. Do not stick to some single app for communicating. To be available at all times, use two or three apps that enable chats and also video calls and conferencing.

3. Systematize your to-do list

Your team works virtually so keeping track of things does not happen automatically. There are apps to help you do that so you should make optimum use of that. To organize better and be on top of every task, use to-do lists and keep editing them as per your requirements consistently.

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4. Use productivity apps

Project management tools like Slack, Asana, ClickUp, and Kanban boards like Trello help you a lot in staying productive when working remotely. They assist you in staying in sync with your team and completing tasks on time. Master the art of using these tools in the best way as they offer much more than you see on the surface. Also use security apps to e-verify your identity as cyber risks are on a continuous rise.

5. Schedule specific work hours

Remote work does not mean you have to slog 24x7. To achieve big success in whatever you do, set hours. Stick to a schedule and do not go off-track thinking that you have ample time to finish some task or have the advantage to postpone things. That's seriously not a good idea.

6. Develop meaningful habits & find a routine

Remote work might get you in an unideal mindset sooner or later. To break free of such a thing, stick to habits. Follow your office schedule religiously and prioritize everything that's been assigned to you or that you have set for yourself.


Remote work is popular and almost every employee across the globe is keen to get this opportunity. But there lies a challenge – many employers have started seeing remote work as not the best way to run a business and this is why they are calling back employees to offices. This is why you need to come out as highly productive when working remotely. Otherwise too, there are certain cons of working remotely and to overcome those, you need to follow the above tips. You will see tremendous improvement in your performance very soon.


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