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Tips on how to do ‘research’ on your boyfriend or husband online!


One thing most people are very good at is pretending. I was of the opinion that people cannot fake how they are for long, but recently a friend found out that the guy she was dating was married and has 2 children. She has been with him for 6 years! So yes, trusting anybody can be an issue, especially someone you have met recently, like your boyfriend or husband. So if you have suspicions (no one will blame you if you do), you should do some primary snooping on the world wide web. Need help? Here are tips on how you can research your boyfriend or husband online.

  • Google: The first step, of course, is googling the person’s name. Try different combinations like first name only, first and last name, an alias that the person might use, nicknames, etc. This will usually throw up results about most websites that the person has signed up for, or maybe frequents and comments on.
  • Facebook: When on Facebook, don’t just check out his pictures and status updates. Check for people who comment on his profile the most, what kind of comments they write, which pictures he is tagged in. Often you can see some  flirting going on in comments which could point towards something graver.
  • Instagram: What kind of pictures does he share? Who does he follow? Who are his followers? Get your answers for all these questions and also check the comments and reposts.
  • Linkedin: If you have any concerns about where he works and is he being honest about it, Linkedin is what you need to check. Depending on how active he is on Linkedin, you can find out about his entire career graph!
  • Dating and matrimonial sites: Here’s the real deal. Do not shy away from searching with his name and specific dating and matrimonial sites. You might need to sign up for a few websites in order to browse it, so remember to create a fake account with fake details.

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