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5 Time Management Tricks That Will Make You 5x More Productive

By  Mathew Smith

Do you often start your day full of energy, and halfway through the day, you end up feeling like you are falling behind and the tasks at hand are just not ending? You are not alone. Many people start with an energetic morning but feel lost or out of track. 

While you can consider downloading a high-performance, productivity browser and keeping track of work progress every hour, managing your time well is the key to ensuring you are at your best. Here are some time management tips you can consider including in your everyday life to enhance your productivity. 

5 Time Management Tricks To Enhance Productivity

Conduct an audit of your day to understand how much time you are spending and where:

There are days when you will be finishing your day well ahead of time, and then there could be days when you are sitting throughout the day and still, the work seems to be not getting done.

In such cases, it is always best to sit and analyze where your time was spent incorrectly. Recognizing where you are wasting your time will help you set boundaries and make yourself available for only important tasks that need your attention urgently.

Furthermore, once you have understood the points where you waste your time, it will instill a sense of responsibility to reduce time spent on non-work-related activities.

Create a schedule you are able to follow:

Getting creative and productive with your time is no rocket science but rather combining realistic timelines and undivided attention to what is of paramount importance at the moment.

By scheduling your day in advance, you will know exactly how much work you have in hand when it gets over and if you have the bandwidth to accommodate more tasks.

Creating a schedule may seem challenging at first; however, once you start doing it on a regular basis, it will become significantly easier and will help you and your team work and collaborate together more efficiently.

Take care of the toughest task first and foremost:

It will seem tempting to get done with the challenging task at the end of your day and take on the easy tasks first. However, this will not work out for you well. Why? Because at the beginning of the day, you have all the energy and mental space to take on tricky and challenging tasks.

As the day progresses, you will start losing that bright and peak energy, and by the time the day is about to end, you will want to be done and dusted. By assigning tough and challenging tasks to do at the end of the day, when you are out of energy, you might not be able to focus on the task at hand fully.

This might make you feel stressed. Instead, always deal with the challenging tasks at the beginning of your day.

Set reasonable time limits to everything you do:  

“Work expands to fill the time allotted to complete it.” As Parkinson’s law states, the more time you allow for a small task, the more it will grow. Instead, allocate specific time to get work done.

For instance, if you are reviewing a document, allocate 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete it. Meanwhile, if you are reviewing an extended code with plenty of errors, allocate 2 hours with a 5-minute break every 45 minutes. This will ensure that you are able to stay focused without allowing more than the required time for your tasks.

Say no when you are not able to:

There’s only so much you can do in a day without falling behind, and on top of that if you are aligned with more tasks than what you can handle, there’s a high chance that you either will end up doing overtime, feel exhausted and not be able to deliver quality work.

Before you agree to take on more work and responsibilities, consider checking your work schedule to understand if you have the bandwidth to do it. In case you are not, being open and transparent about it will only do you go and make it possible for your manager to assign work better.

Parting words

Time management is not necessarily a difficult-to-learn skill; the only thing it requires is practice, patience, and persistence. If you are tired of constantly feeling like your day has no end, conduct a self-audit to understand where your time is being spent and how you can change the direction of the wind in your favor. Remember to prepare a schedule a day in advance so that you are able to go through your day with a motivated mindset and be at your productive best.


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