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This Tool Uses AI to Add, Delete and Edit objects in a Photo

By  [Source: This article was Published in beebom.com BY Beebom Staff]

[Source: This article was Published in beebom.com BY Beebom Staff - Uploaded by the Association Member: Clara Johnson] 

We all have experienced a situation where we are one step away from uploading our new profile picture in social media platform of choice and suddenly, we notice a weird object or person in the image. Trust me, that can never be unseen and will be a total turn-off to our mood to upload that new flawless photo which now looks completely flawed no matter how hard you try to ignore that specific area. Well, not anymore. With GANPaint Studio, you can magically erase that disturbing part from your photo.

GANPaint Studio is developed by researchers from MIT CSAIL, IBM Research, and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. The tool allows you to do modifications to your images with brushes. The process is not limited to just erasing objects from the image. In fact, the platform allows users to add objects like tree, grass, door, dome, cloud, and brick. This way, users can make the original image look more appealing and aesthetic.


The above image shows-off the capabilities of the tool. As you can see, the sample image where they have added windows looks quite natural. Chair removal looks a bit blurred while the climate change and rooftop change samples look original to me. This shows the efficiency of the algorithms researchers have used for arriving at such appealing results.

To make all these possible, the app makes use of a neural network(GAN) that is responsible for performing all these actions under the hood. GAN is capable of matching and correlating visually similar images for improving and enhancing efficiency.

If all these sound exciting to you, you can try out the demo version right here. Demo version has a few church images as of now but you have the option to add your own church-like image as well. It is worth noting that the demo version is currently in low resolution and not very accurate but it gives a rough idea about what the project is capable of. There is also a video demo which you can take a look at, where researchers explain how the tool works.

As of now, GANPaint Studio is not perfect but with ample resources and user input, it can evolve into an effective image modification tool. So, what do you think of GANPaint Studio? 


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