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This Search Engine Allows You to Find the Streaming Service of your Favorite Movies or Series


Now you can use this search engine to find which streaming service has your favorite movies or series.

So much to see and so little time. Streaming services have drastically changed the way we consume content, although there are still a lot of people who watch traditional TV and those of us who use Netflix and so on, we hardly know about anything new series of movie coming to the platform.

Although at the moment Netflix is the king, but it to face more and more competition. There are many services that start shining in this field, such as HBO or Amazon.

This is good for us, that if we do not find some series or movie in the first, maybe it’s in the second. This is where sites such as JustWatch, a search engine for streaming content come in.

In JustWatch you can search any movie or series and find all the legal streaming sites that are available in your country. Currently it can be chosen from more than 20 countries around the world.
You can search content available on Netflix, Amazon, Filmin, Flimin Plus, Wuaki, Atres Player, iTunes, Google Play Movies, HBO, PlayStation, Microsoft Store and Mubi. JustWatch searches the catalogs of all those services and tells you which are the ones where you can see the series or movie you are looking for.

In addition to the search options and the different filters with which you count, JustWatch also has sections with the most popular series and movies of the moment. In addition to this, there is a section of news that you can filter by service, something quite useful considering that the catalogs change constantly and sometimes we do not even find out when something we wanted to see reaches a platform.

Finally you have a WatchList that you can access if you register with your Google or Facebook account. This way you can create a synchronized list with all the movies and series you want to see and you will be able to access each service instantly from JustWatch, either on the desktop or from your mobile applications for iOS and Android.

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