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This might just be the completely redesigned iPhone 8 of our dreams


Apple fans still have a painfully long wait to endure before the company’s new iPhone 8 hits store shelves later this year, but the rumor mill is already hard at work. In fact, we’ve known for months what to expect from Apple’s next-generation iPhone, which will mark the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone’s release in 2007.

If all goes according to plan, Apple will release new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus models that feature the typical spec bumps we’ve come to expect from “S” updates, though they may also feature new glass backs to facilitate wireless charging. Then, alongside those new iPhones, a special premium model is expected to debut.

People have been calling it the iPhone 8, though it’ll likely carry a different name such as “iPhone Edition,” though “iPhone X” has also been tossed around. Whatever it’s called, it can’t get here soon enough if it looks anything at all like this.

The image above shows an iPhone 8 (or iPhone Edition, or iPhone X) as dreamt up by well-known graphic designer Martin Hajek. The images were published by a German blog called Computer Bild, and they show what may very well be the hottest imagining we’ve ever seen of Apple’s next-generation iPhone.

Here it is in a few other colors:

Hajek took design elements noted by reliable Apple insiders like KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, and he turned them into a stunning Apple smartphone. The glass face of the device is occupied almost entirely but the new OLED display Apple is expected to adopt, and the home button has been replaced by a virtual on-screen button. Rumors suggest the company’s new Touch ID fingerprint scanner will be embedded beneath the screen.The sides of the iPhone 8 are stainless steel, as we’ve heard a few times now, and the back is made of glass so that wireless charging can be added to the phone. The aluminum in Apple’s current iPhones is certainly more sturdy, but unfortunately wireless charging can’t yet be achieved with a metal housing.As an added bit of fun since this will be the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone, Hajek also imagine what it might look like if Apple modernized the first-generation model’s design. There’s probably no chance at all of Apple actually releasing a model that looks like this, but it’s pretty awesome:
Source : yahoo.com


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