Sunday, 20 November 2016 12:54

This is why you should stop Googling your health symptoms


You've got a headache - or a nasty cold - so what do you do?

Well, the answer for many people in the modern day era will be "Google".

The search engine, which answers all our queries day in, day out, is regularly used as a source of DIY diagnosis.

But the growing trend can be quite worrying.

Indeed, a new survey for The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) found 43 per cent of people admit to using painkillers that have been prescribed to someone else after diagnosing themselves online.

    And the RPS have issued a stark warning that self diagnosing runs the risk of taking misleading advice or missing key symptoms.

    Of course, in this age of instant access, it’s not surprising that Google is the first port of call for many people with worrying symptoms.

    But there’s a real danger of not receiving timely treatment for potentially serious problems or, at the other end of the scale, of becoming seriously distressed when you self-diagnose a life-threatening condition that you don’t have.

    Hay fever misery as the pollen season starts

      Among the most common symptoms typed into a search engine are nausea, chest pain and tiredness.

      Diarrhoea, child rashes, spots, sore throats and headache are also popular, along with back pain and a cough.

      Robin Berzin, MD, founder of Parsley Health, told Cosmopolitan: "Spending time furiously searching symptoms on your iPhone, then declaring you've got X, Y, or Z can be downright dangerous.

      "First off, it can keep you from getting the help you actually need."

        Highlighting the dangers, the medical expert added: "A lot of times, people read a personal story and they say, Hey, that sounds like me. That's my problem too!' and they get very worked up, and may even take a course of action that isn't actually relevant to them."

        Medical experts say you should always seek the advice of a professional - so no more DIY diagnosing, folks.

        Author:  James Rodger

        Source:  http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/


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