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The role of special online services and apps in the study of sociology

By  Donald Hollifield

Being a student in sociology means that you learn about a lot of things regarding the behavior of people. You learn not only about this but about society as a whole, what helps it evolve, and what changes it. About culture, but about social relationships too and patterns in these. Sociology is a fascinating science and it attracts thousands of students every year. But being a student in sociology means you need to go to every class, start an additional course, and not forget to learn that lesson.

You also need to write your assignment, research for your essay and read that book. Getting an education in sociology is an enriching process and you expand your knowledge considerably. However, at times it can become stressful and overwhelming. Thankfully, technology has advanced tremendously in the last couple of years and there are some apps that can help you study sociology and complete your homework.

Services with Sociology Essay Samples 

The most common task you will have during your college years when you study sociology is to write essays or any other paper type on a topic related to this broad theme. While some of them might be accessible, others might turn out to be pretty complex and challenging. Thankfully, some services offer examples of essays you can check. Sometimes, you just need a little bit of inspiration to start writing your essay, so a sample of essay can turn out to be of tremendous help. Here you can check essay samples for sociology students that will help you complete your homework and deliver it before the deadline expires. These services are really helpful to students who might experience writer’s block or simply do not know how to start writing their essays. 

Sociology Websites and Associations 

The fact that students have access to the internet is such an excellent thing. A few decades ago, you had to research manually to know what to write in your essay. This meant going to the library, looking for the books that are relevant to your essay topic, reading them, and selecting the information. However, today everything is just a search away.

No matter the topic you need to write about, you can find the valid information you are looking for instantly, in a matter of seconds. On top of this, many associations around the world now have websites where they post updates, but also news from the domain or studies researchers have conducted. Among the most helpful and relevant ones for sociology students are:

  • American Sociological Association - where you can find information not only about the career as a sociologist, but about many other relevant topics such as cultural movements, culture, or collective behavior.
  • Society for the Study of Social Problems - social problems and issues are part of every nation. This society, formed by practitioners, researchers, and scholars shares a lot of valuable information about the humanistic, social, and cultural perspectives of these social issues. So, for sure you will find here a lot of details and facts you can use in your homework. 
  • Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology - if you need some details on the theories and methods that contribute to the advancement of this field, both in practice and academics, then check the information made available by this association. 

Sociological Apps 

Of course, besides the associations that made their studies and research available to sociology students and passionate, some sociological apps could turn out to be useful in the study of this domain. And completion of your academic tasks too. 

Sociology Dictionary 

Even though it is available only to Android users at the moment, Sociology Dictionary is one of the most practical apps you can install on your phone. When you start studying sociology, there are lots of new terms you may not know. Well, you can check them instantly in this app where you will find clear definitions and explanations for about 1700 terms. 

Sociology App 

Another app that is available only on Android but that proves to be of tremendous help to sociology students. It is like a simple introductory course in the theories of sociology, the most iconic scholars in this field, but also the latest research. 

Social Theory 

This app is available only to iOS users and it includes profiles of many social theorists that have changed this domain. If you want to find out more about them, you can check the videos and resources made available. 

Data and Statistics 

When you have to write essays or research papers where you need to back up your points of view with data and statistics, you need to present real ones. You need to mention the relevant ones. But you do not have the time to conduct polls, so you can use the results from other studies and research. 

Polling the Nations 

If you need some data on what nations believe, then you should head to Polling the Nations website. You will find here polls on any sociology topic you could think about. And the results will be of tremendous help when you want to prove your point of view when you are part of a debate, or you have to make a presentation.

Bureau of Justice Statistics

If you are looking for data on specific sociology topics, such as the rate of crimes, you should access the website of the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Here you will find anything you could think about, of course, applied to the United States. 

Final Thoughts 

Studying sociology is an enriching process where you not only expand your knowledge but also learn more about the behavior of people, society, and culture. The role of special online services and apps is crucial as they help students delve deeper into sociology topics, but also access data and information that is relevant to their academic progress. 


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