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The Deep Web And Its Weird But Legal Hangouts


The harsh reality is that very few people have heard of the Deep Web, and those that do mostly believe it is illegal. For the most part, they’re not actually all that wrong. As we all know, Deep Web also called the hidden web is a hive of illegal activity, however, that said there are also a vast number of perfectly legal sites on the hidden web that will both entertain and shock you. Here is a list of Deep Web Sites.

For most people that I have talked to, these weird, yet somehow gripping sites are what really draw them in.

Your TOR usage is being watched
The Deep Web has a strange sort of community, a mix of crypto-anarchists, bored hackers, and people with such strange ideas that they make 4chan look like a children’s crèche.

Be prepared to find these places somewhat offensive, with no censoring whatsoever, threads in Deep Web forums often tend to get somewhat out of hand.

However, I would advise anyone to go to them, of course in the knowledge that the sites are pretty NSFW, they are a real eye-opener as to what people are like without any of the constraints we put on ourselves so that we conform to societal norms.

The Hidden Wiki is probably as close as you could get to a homepage for the Dark Net.

However be warned that it does not shy away from the darker areas that exist, it has links to many of the various drug sites, as well as some links (you’ll know which ones) that if you click, you’ll be committing a serious offence.


What it also has however, are many links to some of the more intriguing areas of the Deep Web, such as to a website where people confess their sins, along with forums where like-minded people can discuss their various ideas, ranging from world-domination to their favorite Adventure Time characters.

The Hidden Wiki also provides links to strange sites with constellation style designs on them, and others that discuss the rising Illuminati threat.

It also links to sites such as Operation Genesis, a sort of Deep Web social network with hundreds of thousands of users.

HackerThe Deep Web is undoubtedly a weird place. Where else could your book club go from discussing 1983 by George Orwell, to a particular piece of erotic Jungle Book fan fiction? While it is known mostly for the illegal activity that it permits to happen, it is heart-warming to see how many people visit the Deep Web to see its legal, albeit extremely weird, sites.

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