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The Crowdsourced Search Engine, Qreoo Launches a New Website to Inspire Curiosity


Qreoo, an Internet startup is the new entrant in the list of search engines. The company launches a new website to inspire curiosity through its crowdsourced search engine.

The website is powered by crowdsourcing links from the user community of Qreoo, and will enable users to keep a daily focus on their curiosity by helping them find answers to their search and by sharing links for others to read and explore.

The founder of Qreoo, Dheerthan Gajapathy says the infinite need for him to question and read new things daily has made him to launch a new website for others like him. The search engine acts as an information and news aggregator on all the topics through its users, who share links on their curiosity to others like them to also read.

Qreoo is a product of Swinaly Commerce Company which is its parent company. Swinaly Commerce Company being in New Media Business has invested its resources in creating the brand Qreoo that would fullfills its mission staterment.

After being in the beta phase for about a year, the website has now been launched for the public. The number of links to read on the website is growing and an active update of new links can be found on its search pages for the public to read on various subjects and topics that the user is curious about.

Qreoo inspires curiosity with the power of crowd, to search, read and share links with others on its crowdsourced search engine. The site supports natural language tags submitted by users and uses proprietary algorithms to index the submitted web links to show results for the users search.

The ultimate goal of the new search engine is to inspire curiosity by enabling the users to search and share links to read and update their curiosity with their new website. The website is live at

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