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Talkwalker Launches talkwalkerNow a Real-Time Search Engine for Trends


NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Talkwalker, a leading social data intelligence company, today announced the launch of talkwalkerNow, a trend discovery tool that uses artificial intelligence to identify and analyze global trends online in real-time.

talkwalkerNow is the fastest, simplest way to uncover trends within any topic, in any region. The platform crunches data across social networks, news sites, blogs, forums and more, over a total of 150 million websites and analyzes them instantly to help brands, agencies and publishers create viral content before their competitors.

"talkwalkerNow gives digital marketers, copywriters, journalists and editors their own personal trend search engine that can tell them what to write and when for maximum impact," says Christophe Folschette, Partner and Founder of Talkwalker. "The network effects of social media have given trending stories the power to reach millions of people across the globe. With this new product, brands and media can harness this immense force for their content as soon as - or even before - a new trend starts spreading."

This new tool finds trend categories using a powerful AI algorithm that goes beyond simple keyword based searches and instead learns how to identify topics from text within posts and articles. Using predictive analytics, this new technology can also forecast the scale and speed at which a story or trend will grow.

Brands and publishers can use talkwalkerNow in a variety of ways:

  • Newsjacking: Save time manually researching real-time trends in your country, industry or niche and use analytics to find the right way to jump on these trends.
  • Content Creation: Discover and analyze the most important trends for your needs and use this information to create relevant, timely and engaging content.
  • Real-Time Marketing: Build effective campaigns around real-time trends to improve targeting and conversions. Increase effectiveness of social initiatives by responding to and advertising topics that resonate.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Know which types of content are working for your competitors and create or promote similar content.

talkwalkerNow will be a new addition to Talkwalker's product range alongside the Talkwalker social listening and analytics platform. For more details on pricing, please contact us or visit our website.

About Talkwalker

Talkwalker ( is one of the world's leading social data intelligence companies. Its cutting edge technology provides actionable social media insights through real-time social listening and advanced social media analytics. Talkwalker helps marketers to prove the value of their social efforts and significantly enhances the speed and accuracy of business decision-making.

Talkwalker's state of the art social intelligence platform monitors and analyzes online conversations on social networks, news websites, blogs, forums and more, in over 187 languages. Its 1500 servers process posts from 150 million websites every day. Talkwalker's unique social intelligence software was selected to become a Twitter Official Partner in 2014.

The Talkwalker social intelligence platform is used by over 600 clients around the world, including Microsoft, HPE, Volkswagen, Benetton, and communications specialists such as Edelman, Peppercomm, Publicis, Ogilvy, and Weber Shandwick.  


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