People finder websites, or People Search Engines just like a social media application, are meant to connect you with others. You can know them before, or they might be someone new to you. However, the primary purpose of a people searches website is to find out if you need to get in contact with the person or not.

For example, you require a roommate to share the rent, and you need to know about the person before you allow them space. Now, if you do not have enough knowledge of that individual, then maybe things will mess up for you, too. But with the help of a people search engine, one thing that you will make sure of is that the person is trustworthy.

So, the question arises how these sites are different from the usual social media applications? People searching sites will help you find social profiles and let you know if the person has any criminal or arrest records. In other words, these search engines can help you find email addresses and phone numbers so that you can contact someone hard to find. Moving on, we will look at some of the best people search sites. So, let's begin.

List of People Search Engines

1. BeenVerified

The first people search website which is on our list is BeenVerified. One of the websites best known for its simplicity and features. It stands out because of its easy-to-tackle tabs and the expected results shown to the users. BeenVerified can help you in searching the names, email addresses, phone numbers, and locations.

BeenVerified sets apart because of the extra details such as social media accounts, professional background, address history, pictures, friends, and general information. However, such information is for free on the website. But if you want a full report on someone's background, like criminal records, court records, and more, you will have to get a membership ($39.99 for one month).


  • Combines social graph and public record
  • Authentic information
  • Offers criminal record
  • Affordable service
  • App available for smartphones
  • US-centric

2. Spokeo

Spokeo People Search Engine

Spokeo, a US-only people lookup website, works well searching details from white page listings, public records, and social networks. People are explored using a name, email address, phone details, or location. It happens because Spokeo has claimed to uses deep web technology to get results that usually search engines miss out on.

The results are driven from more than 60 social networks, online profiles, dating site profiles, but it works only in the US. So, it can be used outside the US, but its results are US-based. It simply means that you will not find any of your friends if they don't live in the US. However, if any of your relatives live there, you will find them.

The service also has a paid subscription, starting at $4.95/month.


  • Best for connecting with people
  • US-based searches
  • Basic results for free
  • Easy to use

3. PeopleFinder


PeopleFinder has indexed millions of data available publicly into its system, which helps in finding an individual. Furthermore, it uses Intelius' backend service for details of that particular person. It is a great platform to reconnect with the people with whom we have lost contact.

The best part of PeopleFinder is the free address of the person you are searching for. However, many other search engines fail to provide that. Also, on submission of only $2.95, you can search for the complete report of that person, which includes financial information, relatives, phone numbers, court records, and much more.


  • Best for free users
  • Recent address available for primary users
  • Quite affordable
  • Intelius-backed service
  • Check criminal and social records
  • Search results can take considerable time

4. Whitepages

Finding a person on the internet is a hectic task, and gathering information about them is more like searching hundreds of diaries and notebooks. While a people search website like Whitepages makes your job relatively more manageable. It's an excellent tool for users who want to get more than just social or professional information. If you want a full background report, you will have to obtain a premium subscription, starting at $19.95/month.

Whitepages bring you detailed information about a person based on contact, addresses, properties, court records, criminal records, liens, and judgments. In addition, it offers details around family members & associates, current contact details, etc. You will find a person here just by entering their name/location/phone number/ address. It is a great tool for instant results.


  • Best for hiring employees
  • Accurate contact information
  • Basic info for free users
  • Global search available

5. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate People Search Engine compressed

Instant Checkmate brings you data from public profiles, federal data sources, and state & country data sources. It uses advanced technology for finding these sources. A clear report is then presented after searching the person. The report shows all the data as simply as possible.

One thing you should note before buying the subscription starting at $19.99 that Instant Checkmate is a US-only people lookup engine. It is used as a public record research service and provides the required details like any other people's search engines.


  • Search through publicly available data
  • Best for criminal and background checks
  • Advanced search filters
  • Access property data

6. Intelius

Intelius People Search Engine

People finder and searcher Intelius is another search engine that gives us the data for people search details, email lookup, social network search, property records, background check, criminal records, or reverse lookup.

However, the problem with Intelius is that it is not free, and the results are only for the US. There are two different ways to subscribe to the engine. One is just for the people search report. While people search report plus (includes email search & social network) and background report, starting at $29.95/month.

But you can avail of a discount of 50% for the first month which brings your fee to $15.95 for one month.


  • Reconnect with old friends
  • Review property data
  • Exhaustive criminal and court records
  • Best for background checks
  • Myriad of social tools
  • US-only
  • Pretty expensive

7. Truthfinder


Comparable to the known people search engine Pipl, we have Truthfinder. The main difference between the two is that Truthfinder only works in the US alone. In contrast, the Pipl works across the globe. You can search for an individual's police records, check court records, photos from social media, contact information, and much more.

Truthfinder is more like a background check besides being a people connector. If you are searching for employees or a college mate to share your room, Truthfinder is a better option than Pipl. Truthfinder uses Federal, State, and County data sources to gather information.

For free users, you can only see basic information like age and possible location. In addition, the search takes considerable time to show the results. But Truthfinder has some great tools like reverse phone, address lookup, family tree, and dark web scan.


  • Best for background checks
  • Accurate US-only results
  • A vast database of criminal and court orders
  • Multiple tools, including reverse phone
  • Basic information for free users
  • Takes considerable time to show results.

8. PeekYou

PeekYou people search engine

After testing this search engine, it was seen that the results were not as they were expected. However, they were not bad either. PeekYou provides details about a person based on their social media accounts, web profiles, email addresses, contact details, and other public records.

It has a patented technology that helps it bring data from 60 websites, news sources, homepages, blog platforms, and several other sources. You can search for people using names, location, web-username, or phone reverse search with that much information.

PeekYou works best for US residents, and it can be used for the global search as well. So, if you are getting all the details for free, you do not have a right to complain.


  • Proprietary algorithm to offer accurate results
  • Fast People Search
  • Phone reverse search
  • Global search available
  • No sign-up required

9. Pipl

Pipl People Search Engine

Pipl, probably the best people search engine, is here. Pipl is the exclusive engine that provides the data for a global audience. It quickly gets you professional, social, and contact information. On Pipl, you can find people using their name, email, username, or phone number.

For some time, Pipl was used for free, but that's not the case now. Also, the company has targeted professional users mainly. The website also shows that it should not be used for personal or non-commercial uses.

The service allows a subscription of $298 per month for an annual subscription. It also gives a $198/month/user plan that supports up to 5 users and a $148/month/user supporting 10 users.

The best part is Pipl gives you an unlimited number of searches.


  • Accurate information
  • Free search for 5 days
  • Social media linking
  • Minimal information required
  • Available worldwide

10. Us Search

US Search

With a simple User Interface, this search engine stands out in its performance. You can get your desired results in just a few seconds. All you have to do is enter the first and last name, and you will get results. If you want, you can provide additional information to filter the results much faster to give you the results you need.

With that free search, US Search gives you a chance to search for the paid search option, too. Being one of the oldest people search engines, US Search has a vast amount of data.


  • Affordable service
  • Pretty fast
  • Best for US-based searches
  • Oldest database
  • Automatic filter

All in all, People Search Engines can be very handy for gathering micro details about anyone. These details are significant before hiring a new employee, renting out our space, or working on a delicate project. One thing is accepted everywhere: a People Search Engine can provide you with great details than any other social media. With time, the significance of People Search Engine has increased, and seeing that Association of Internet Research Specialists has compiled a list of Specialized Search Engines. This list includes a database of People Search Engines besides the top 10 mentioned Search Engines. Do have a look.

Alternative Best People Finder Search Engines

Apart from the above-mentioned people search engines, there are a number of other useful tools created with a hyper-focus on finding solely people-related information, which is described below.


Search LinkedIn for professional networks that other individuals are a part of. You may learn a lot about how others are connected to a business if you create your own account and add your business profile to it.

LinkedIn is a people search service where you can find out where someone works, who they work with, their previous roles, current or former bosses, any recommendations they've had, and much more. There are a few filtering options, and if you have a Sales Navigator or Recruiter account, you have even more.

You might not be able to read everything that someone has supplied in their LinkedIn profile depending on their privacy settings. Furthermore, if you're a registered user, the fact that you glanced at someone's profile will almost always be made public.

Zabasearch: Popular Name Searches

Zabasearch is a free people search engine that combs through publicly available public documents and information, such as court records and phone directories.

You may look up someone by their phone number or name. The name, phone number, age, and address of the person are frequently among the free results returned by this persons search engine. If you go to Intellius through the links on the person's page, you can get more detailed reports.


With hundreds of millions of people using Facebook on a regular basis, it makes sense to use the Facebook search feature as an exceptionally handy way to find individuals online.

You can conduct a name search that includes the person's city, school, and/or job title. You can look for people you went to high school and college with, as well as work colleagues, primary school buddies, non-profit organizations, and friends of friends, on the social media site.

A Facebook search can also help you identify people in specific geographic places in your local area who you may not know, as well as any type of association, club, or group.

Others, on the other hand, choose not make their Facebook profiles private and only share information with those in their immediate circle of friends and family. When a profile is set to public, anyone who stumbles across it has instant access to the person's postings, images, check-in statuses, and other personal information.


TruePeopleSearch.com is a website that allows you to search for persons by name, phone number, or address. It's one of the greatest people search engines because the free results are far more detailed than those on other sites.

The person's current address, wireless and/or landline phone numbers, age, prior towns where he or she lived, relatives, email addresses, associated names, and prospective associates are just a few instances of the free information you can find here.

TruePeopleSearch will offer an age filter if there are a lot of entries, which you can use to limit down the results. If you wish to pay for more information, there is a link on each person's page that will lead you to a different website where you can purchase the entire report.

Background Checks.org

Broadly speaking, a background check is a way of investigating someone’s character, background, and past, using public data sources and reports. Most background checks are generated automatically from data repositories maintained by private companies and state and federal governments.

Typically, the information included on a background check will include the person’s: Age, Aliases, Date of Birth, Relatives, crimes committed, arrests, marriage and divorce records (depending on the state), bankruptcies, civil records and judgments, traffic tickets, social media information, and online presence.

People Search Engines: How to use them?

People searching sites or People lookup are widely popular today as they help in finding the whereabouts of a person. It is similar to using a web search engine, so instead of adding the search term, you need to add the name or other vital details about the person.

10 Best People Finder Services for People Search

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The best people search sites make it easy to locate a long-lost friend, estranged family member, or missed connection. You can also use a top-rated people search service to confirm someone is who they claim to be.

To trace an individual, you only need to know a few key details - like their full name and location. You may be wondering whether a search engine, like Google or Bing, would give you similar information as professional people's search sites, like Intelius, Truthfinder, and Instant CheckMate. Standard search engines are great to find social media accounts and public-facing profiles, but you're likely to run into some difficulty when it comes to locating a specific individual and confirming their identity.

People's search sites offer great tools and resources to uncover extensive information on the searched person. This article aims to review some of the best people search sites available, comparing pricing models, key features, and more.

Keep reading to find out more about people finder services.

At a Glance: The Best People Search Websites

  1.  Intelius - best overall people search website
  2. Truthfinder - best people search site for multiple searches
  3. Instant CheckMate - best people search site to find lost relatives



    Intelius is one of the leading people search sites, providing a vast amount of public data about individuals and their connections to others. The company is transparent and aims to build trust with its customer base.

    It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and makes it clear that the platform is not considered a Consumer Reporting Agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This means Intelius does not provide consumer reports with the intent of determining someone's credit, employment, insurance, housing, etc.

    But if you want to learn more about friends, relatives, coworkers, or people you're dating, Intelius’s people search engine is a great choice! In just a few clicks, the proprietary data search engine sorts through data from reliable sources to provide you with some valuable information on the person.

    Its people search feature outlines the main points of an individual's digital identity from a broad range of data sources throughout the internet. Whether you're looking for a long-lost family member or simply want to learn more about a potential date, Intelius empowers you with the information needed.

    Intelius People Search Reports Include:

    • Full name
    • Phone number
    • Past and present addresses
    • Age and date of birth
    • Possible relatives
    • Aliases
    • And more

    Key Features

    Confidential Searches

    Intelius is dedicated to customer protection and privacy. They always keep your identity anonymous and will never alert the individual that you've searched to uncover their information on a people search site. Plus, every search is guaranteed to be secure with the 256-bit encrypted connection. Everything done is completely safe and confidential. No one will ever know you searched for them.

    Fast and Reliable Reports

    It's a reliable resource to search for finding people. With over 20 billion available public records, these people search engine scours the internet for data and valuable information from specialized sources. The company is constantly updating its people search engine to provide users with the most up-to-date, accurate, and widespread information out there.

    Additional Searches Available

    If you wish to extend your search to learn other information, you can do so right on the site. In addition to the people search engine, Intelius also offers other types of searches - such as background check services, reverse phone lookups, and reverse address lookups.


    • Intelius offers a basic free people search
    • Starting membership price: $19.95/month
    • Premier Plan: $19.95/month
    • Premium Plus Plan: $29.95/month
    • Single people search or reverse address lookup: $0.95
    • Single background check: $39.95



      Even though Truthfinder is primarily a background check service, it's also considered one of the best people search sites. The people finder tool is a great resource to track down old friends, locate long-lost relatives, reconnect with former classmates, or learn more about new people in your life.

      To use the people finder feature, you can search people by name, phone number, or by address. If you wind up searching for someone by name, make sure you use all the different versions of their name until you find the right person. For example, someone named Robert could go by the nicknames Rob or Bob. If you input all the information you have on this person and try different variations of their name, you're more likely to be successful in your search.

      Truthfinder People Finder Services Include:

      • Full name
      • Phone number
      • Possible family members, friends, and roommates
      • Social media accounts
      • Educational background
      • Property ownership
      • And more

      You could also choose to use this people search website for background checks, which generally includes gives more detailed reports with information like -

      • Criminal records
      • Bankruptcies and liens
      • Court records
      • Contact details
      • Address history

      Key Features

      Dark Web Search

      Truthfinder is a fantastic people search website, allowing you to connect with people and find the information you need. But the site has various features and can be used for all different reasons, like a dark web search. This service searches through thousands of data points on the dark web and uses impressive methods of surveillance to protect your data. You can use it as a monitoring system for cybercriminals, or to further search for people and their information.

      Public records databases

      This website gathers a complete report, using data aggregation to sort through a variety of different public records- such as birth and death records, arrest and criminal records, and bankruptcy and lien documentation. Having access to this level of information makes Truthfinder one of the best people search sites on the market.


      Truthfinder offers a free people search tool when first starting your search. The website isn't considered one of the free people search sites, but it will provide you with surface-level information - including:

      • Name
      • Age
      • Possible Relatives
      • Possible Locations

      Even though you can get this information for free, it can be very limiting. A paid membership will afford you access to various online databases and public records, including criminal records, financial assets, location history, employment, and education information, and overall more detailed reports. Here's what it'll cost you:

      • Starting price: $30/month
      • Three-month subscription: $26/month

      Instant CheckMate


        Instant CheckMate is another great option and one of the best people search sites for targeted searches. This US search platform has an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau. With all the data and information pulled, the site ensures its customers complete safety, security, and protection when using their services. Its search engine combs through various public data points, including social media accounts, email addresses, phone numbers, and more.

        Instant CheckMate has services that go beyond the capabilities of standard search engines. This people's search website has impressive public records search capabilities that compile information from public record databases, social media networks, and other reliable sources to build thorough reports on someone. With this large network of public records, you should be able to locate anybody you search for, find their contact information, and get a comprehensive report on them in a matter of minutes.

        Overall, it has one of the most comprehensive people search engines on the market, with a range of tools offered, helping users properly find a person.

        Instant CheckMate People Search Engines Can Find:

        • Address history, including previous states, cities, and zip codes
        • Location history
        • Telephone number hints
        • Links to family members and their phone numbers and email addresses
        • Date and place of birth
        • Social media accounts and usernames

        Key Features

        Sex Offender Database

        All reports generated on Instant CheckMate take criminal history and criminal records into account. This includes a map of all registered sex offenders in the local area that you are searching for. You can even look at the mugshots of the nearby sex offenders and details of the incident.

        Criminal Records

        Instant CheckMate has an impressive criminal records database, checking for a criminal record for all searched individuals. The database searches through millions of local, state, and national criminal record documents to provide users with up-to-date information.

        Mobile App Available for iOS and Android Devices

        Everything you can do on the Instant CheckMate, you can also do on their dedicated mobile app. It's user-friendly and offers several search options unique to its proprietary people search engines. Reverse phone lookup, reverse email lookup, and background check searches are all available on the mobile app.


        Instant CheckMate offers a monthly subscription payment option to its users. A monthly subscription will cost you around $34/month, while a 3-month subscription averages out to around $27/month. So, if you decide to pay for three months upfront, you'll wind up saving a few extra bucks on your monthly subscription fee.

        If you're uncertain about whether Instant CheckMate is the right people-finder platform for you, the service offers a five-day trial to try out its features and tools. While this trial period is not completely free, it only costs $1 for the full 5 days. And you can use the full suite of resources available, including reverse phone lookup, background check, reverse address lookup search engines. Just remember to cancel your account if you decide not to go with Instant CheckMate because it will automatically charge your card after those 5 days are over.


        In the past, before the internet age, accessing public records and finding important information on an individual was a frustrating, slow process. You'd have to submit requests to various entities either in person or in writing. If you didn't find anything at the local level, you would have to extend your search to include other state documents until you found the correct person.

        Nowadays, with people search sites and people search engines, you can obtain much of that information within the same day. Many of these robust search engines can sift through hundreds of public records documents in any city or state - in a matter of minutes.

        If you're looking to connect with old friends, colleagues, or family members, we highly suggest using one of the people search sites listed above. Each has proven itself to be a reliable resource, offering accurate and updated information.

        Alternative Best People Finder Search Engines

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        Every person has a history that wouldn’t be apparent on the first impression. This past can cause problems in the workplace and bring adverse effects to one’s company or business. A free background check can come in handy, mainly to tackle any mishap or difficult situation beforehand.

        These background checks are easy to conduct and only take mere minutes, thanks to the abundance of online information. Now to perform a free background check, there are various online tools along with several completely free methods, all discussed further down in the article below. So let’s begin.

        How to Do a Background Check: Free Public Criminal Background Checks

        Part 1: What is Background Check?

        A background check is a process that can be used to test if a person is giving an accurate representation of himself. One can use these background search platforms to learn employment history, education, current addresses, phone numbers, and even criminal records.

        Background checks can be helpful to check if the employer is hiring the right person or if a potential date has criminal tendencies or not. Here are situations where one can use free background checks:

        • To verify employment qualifications.
        • To check the past of a potential date.
        • To know more about your new neighbors.

        Here are the top 4 services to get a background check.

        1. CocoFinder - A reliable platform with well-founded results
        2. TruthFinder - User-friendly interface
        3. Instant Checkmate - Organized information through public platforms
        4. Intelius - Offers results from a variety of sources.

        Part 2: How to Do a Background Check for Free?

        Several services allow for a free background check. Moreover, CocoFinder is one that is well known in the community due to how long it has been around and the features it offers. It provides records from an extensive database collected from public and private forums. Besides, the base service features come without any additional costs.

        2.1: 100% Free Background Check with CocoFinder

        CocoFinder is a background checking service that can provide a detailed report on someone by taking in a small amount of data to narrow down the results. The data CocoFinder needs to search can be a phone number, name, and address.

        Moreover, the interface is simple, user-friendly, and resembles that of Google, making it easy to use for anyone regardless of prior technical knowledge. Anyone who can search on Google can find a record with ease on CocoFinder.

        Furthermore, CocoFinder will take that data and run it through its database once the user enters a name or a phone number in the search bar. It will provide the user with all sorts of information linking to the target, including arrest background, criminal records, employment history, and court records.

        Besides, it offers this valuable information free of cost and through proper legal means, so the user doesn’t have to worry about any malpractices in obtaining the records.

        You can also try other trustworthy online background check services, such as TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate, Intelius, and some more.

        2.2: How to Do a Background Check on Someone?

        Checking an employer’s background or searching for a long-lost friend is extremely easy with CocoFinder. Using the service’s interface is as easy as searching for a website on Google. The user can get an accurate background search through extensive public and private databases. However, some users can find the search time-consuming and full of effort.

        Here are the steps to run a free background search using CocoFinder.

        Step 1: Access to CocoFinder’s Background Check page. Enter the First/Last Name and City/State of the person before clicking on “Start Search.”

        Step 2: The platform will provide the results such as employment and criminal history from its extensive database in a matter of minutes.

        2.3: Other Criminal Background Check Services

        Other than CocoFinder, some reliable platforms offer a 100% free background check for the user. A few of them are stated as follows:

        1. TruthFinder - Detailed free background check reports.
        2. Instant Checkmate - Excellent criminal record database.
        3. Intelius - Features an attractive layout.

        Part 3: Is There a Totally Free Background Check?

        CocoFinder is a convenient platform for background checking, giving you the ease of searching quickly. However, there are some strings attached in terms of accessing specific information for free.

        Under such circumstances, the user can receive assistance from public platforms that are free and contain a massive database. Such services include Google and social media. We’ll discuss the method to enable such forums in this section.

        3.1: Free Government Background Check

        When a person can’t find any way to search or hit a dead end, then they can get the help of government resources. Local police stations and libraries are the common and efficient modes to relieve vital information of a person. Moreover, a person can search through any background check either for tenant screening, employment check and get the solution right here.

        Furthermore, one can narrow down the findings and note them down or print them out based on the candidate’s information in their cover letter or resume. The data can include previous jobs, college name, home address, and more.

        Though the method is free, a government background check is a hectic endeavor that could take much time to access and even compiling the data. Besides, there is no guarantee that the information on a specific person would even be part of public records, especially if the individual is an illegal immigrant. It is convenient to use platforms such as CocoFinder to preserve time and avoid extensive research.

        With CocoFinder, you can find someone’s government background by only entering the target’s phone number, name, email, and address.

        3.2: Free Background Check No Charge

        Nowadays, one can find dozens of companies providing background searches on every corner. They can get all the necessary information from name to location and number to criminal records. However, most of such services require the user to spend a significant amount of money. Still, some platforms are available online that provide the means to do a background search free of charge.

        Whenever people have to check someone out or get their information, they can access social media platforms to complete the job. However, the only hindrance comes when one encounters multiple people with similar names after entering the relevant data.

        Pretty much every social media website or application contains a search bar, allowing any user to enter relevant data to get useful results. They can provide the name, email address, area of residence, or phone number to get direct access to the related person’s social media profile/account.

        Related: Get Unlimited Detailed Background Report with CocoFinder for Free.

        Part 4: Free Criminal Background Check

        Most employers make use of background checks before appointing any person so that his potential customers aren’t affected. Moreover, they can carry out these background checks through legal sources, including police and credit checks.

        Federal or State level authorities are the most reliable option one could enable to receive information regarding a person’s past. Agencies like the FBI have the government’s resources at their disposal, allowing them to act if they sense any danger to the community.

        The FBI’s background check is one of the most accurate as well. For this purpose, people consider FBI background checks reliable more than anything. Moreover, it can yield records from criminal databases, charges including theft, murder, and jail.

        However, the process to access state-level documents could take weeks or even months. It could be a problem for someone like an employer looking to hire a person.

        CocoFinder is a useful tool and it has achieved a technological breakthrough. To get all relevant information, you only need to input the target’s address, email, name, and phone number.

        Part 5: Free Background Check on Yourself

        Suppose, you are applying for a lucrative job and know that the employer would perform an extensive background search on you. In that case, it is better to find the information out yourself and learn what data is part of the public record about yourself. It will allow you to amend the background check info before heading out for the interview or help you in a proper way if the data is correct.

        You can efficiently run a free-of-cost background check using proper checking tools. The efficiency of such services usually depends on the types of data you require. However, the online database collects extensive records for people all around the globe with all the basic information. You can also access search engines and social media platforms to learn about your internet history and more.

        You can also try paid background search services like TruthFinder to do a criminal background check on someone.


        Many people all around the globe use different background checking applications and websites for screening purposes. Still, a person has to do proper research before getting associated with someone. After reading this blog, anyone can now run a background check for personal or business usage. One can opt for free checking tools, while others can get a paid version when seeking criminal records.

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        These services help you safeguard your identity, finances, and personal data

        En español | As consumer fraud has surged in both quantity and variety, so have products and services to help protect you from scams. Some are free and come from government agencies, nonprofits, or large corporations; others are from entrepreneurs with unique and often high-tech protections that you'll pay for. How to sort them out? We reviewed lots of services and devices, then talked to anti-fraud experts and former law enforcement officials. Their advice: Focus on specific needs.

        9 Online Tools That Help You Stay Safe From Fraud

        1. Take a financial vulnerability survey

        The Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology has developed an online financial vulnerability survey, at OlderAdultNestEgg.com, to help older Americans evaluate decision-making. Through its SAFE program, the service also offers one-on-one coaching to help users catch fraud or identify theft.

        2. Review a broker's history on Brokercheck by FINRA

        FINRA, the independent, non-governmental regulator of securities firms doing business in the United States, has a free online tool, BrokerCheck.finra.org, that lets you review broker history as well as find complaints and disciplinary actions against brokers. And remember: Always hang up on a cold-calling broker. Legitimate ones don't work that way.

        3. Protect your packages with Informed Delivery

        A free service from the U.S. Postal Service, InformedDelivery.usps.com emails images of your mail before it arrives. It also allows users to track and manage package delivery to keep purchases safe from thieves.

        4. Sign up for identity theft protection services

        A number of companies promise to keep your identity safe for a fee. Plans from NortonLifeLock offer identity theft protection to AARP members at a discount of at least 20 percent. EverSafe.com and IDShield.com are among the companies that patrol the dark web, searching for illicit use of your Social Security number, false changes of address and other misused personal information while also monitoring your bank accounts and credit cards to ensure they haven't been compromised. You can compare basic fees on each company's website.

        5. Stop phone scammers with call blocking software

        Start by signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry at DoNotCall.gov. Next, call your carrier and ask what call-blocking services it provides; more are adding free call-screening options in response to the epidemic of fraudulent phone calls. If you want fuller protection for your smartphone, consider services like RoboKiller.com or Truecaller.com.

        6. Verify a person's profile photo with a reverse image search

        To lure victims, online dating scammers often use stolen photos. Before you respond to a connection request, drop that profile photo into a reverse image search tool that will show you where else the image appears on the internet — which can help expose crooks. Image search services include images.Google.com, TinEye.com, and Yandex.com.

        7. Keep a loved one safe from fraud

        Persuade the person to sign up for a service that constantly reviews all their financial accounts for unusual transactions and then sends alerts to you and others if they occur. GuideChange.com and EverSafe.com promise to put older Americans’ finances under a microscope and root out fraud. Their computers constantly monitor how money is spent, searching for red flags. These services can offer peace of mind — at a price. Check websites for fees.

        8. Confirm a caregiver's background before hiring

        While anyone can find information about a person online, many companies will do a professional job for a fee. They provide detailed information on criminal records, civil court filings, and credit scores. And services like Goodhire.com, Checkr.com, and IntelliCorp.net will provide monthly updates for additional peace of mind. Services and fees are listed on the companies’ websites.

        9. Secure sensitive emails with decryption

        Email services like ProtonMail.com, Tutanota.com, and Mailfence.com encrypt your incoming emails so no one can read them without going through a highly secure login and decrypting process. Compare prices on their websites.

        AARP’s Fraud Watch Network can help you spot and avoid scams. Sign up for free Watchdog Alerts, review our scam-tracking map, or call our toll-free fraud helpline at 877-908-3360 if you or a loved one suspect you’ve been a victim.

        Joe Eaton is a writer, professor, and former investigative reporter for the Center for Public Integrity.

        [Source: This article was published in aarp.org By Joe Eaton - Uploaded by the Association Member: Issac Avila]
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        Whenever you want to get in touch with your long lost friends or relatives or want to get some information about a person, the best way to do so is online because you can search for anything online.

        If you have decided to search for a person online, you must know that there are various things that you must know about online people search. Before searching for people online, you need to follow a few things to get the information about the person you are looking for. 

        Searching people online is easy but can be risky because there are chances that you might not get accurate information and contact the wrong person. 

        It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for a friend, relative, or want to do a background check on some people working for you or when you are lending your property. There are some essential details that everybody ought to know about online people search.

        1. Choose a free source to search online

        The first thing you should know is that you will find both free and paid ways to search for someone online. It’s not recommended to directly go for the paid methods to search for someone because you have plenty of freeways. 

        There are many people searching websites like CityZor, which allows you to search for anyone for free. Besides such websites, you can use Google, Bing, and other search engines to search for free. 

        So, when you have many options to search anyone online without spending a penny, then there’s no need to go for the paid ways. But yes, if you fail to explore using these freeways, then you can use a paid form if you are so dedicated to finding him.

        2. You may reveal your identity while searching for someone online

        This is the essential thing that everyone must know before they start to find anyone online. When you use people search websites to search for someone’s information, your identity may get revealed to the person you are searching for. 

        In simple words, if you are searching for a person using different websites, that person can know that someone is trying to search for his information, or there are chances that the person can get to know who searched for him. 

        So, it’s better to use such platforms that give you anonymity, which will help keep all your searches private and confidential; like the CityZor website, it will keep your details private, and no one will know you searched for them. 

        It’s always recommended to use these platforms that prevent your identity and keep your searches confidential so that you can search for anyone without revealing your identity.

        3. Always use the necessary information to search

        When you search people online, you must always use basic information like their name, age, phone number, address, business details, property details, relatives, and more. You can use free sites like Cityzor and Radaris to do unlimited searches on a person by name, phone number, and email. You can also do unlimited reverse address lookup on someone using a people search engine. 

        If you’ll use these types of information, then it’s for sure that you will find the most accurate information about the person you are searching for. 

        Because when you use unnecessary information, it’ll only increase search results, making your task hectic, mostly when you use search engines like Google to find someone online. So, it’s better to use this essential information while searching for someone online.

        4. All online people search platforms use different sites and public records

        You ought to know this thing so that every online people search website will give you the details of the person you want to know gathered from different websites. 

        You’ll find many websites that gather data from various platforms like social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Some also compile information from other typical websites and even public records. 

        Those people search websites that gather data from available public records will give the most accurate background details. One such website is CityZor, where they have data from over 20 million public records, which increases the chances of giving better quality details of the person you are searching for. 

        5. You can get not only necessary background details but also any criminal records as well

        When we talk about searching for people online, everyone has this thing in mind that they’ll be able to gather all the necessary information like their current number, address, and more. But you must also know this thing that some people search websites will give you information with which you can even know whether that person has any criminal records. 

        This type of information helps you rent or sell your property to someone unknown or hire someone for your organization. You should know that your search is not limited to only necessary background details, but also you can learn many things about that person like their criminal records, marital status, and more. 

        6. You may not always get exact information

        Everyone and everything can make mistakes, so you should know that these people’s search platforms can also make some mistakes. 

        Sometimes you may get wrong information or irrelevant search results, but it’s quite obvious because they can also make some mistakes while giving you the data of people you are searching for. 

        There are only very few platforms that will provide the most accurate information. To ensure that you get the most precise information, you should try searching on different websites and search engines and then believe in the most similar information. 


        Now that you are at the end of this article, you should know that all these things mentioned above are essential to understand when searching for someone online. Each point has some information and details that everybody ought to know about online people search. If you are not aware of these things, you may reveal your identity, get information about the wrong person, or pay for the information that isn’t correct at all. So, you should know these basic and necessary information about online people search before starting your search.

        [Source: This article was published in azbigmedia.com By Barry McMahon - Uploaded by the Association Member: James Gill]

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        Today, almost everyone has some kind of presence on the internet; direct or indirect. So it’s really easy to find anyone if you do a proper online search. In your search for people, people search engines can help immensely.

        These search engines dig deep into online records to look for people using different parameters. If you are looking for someone special or just want to say thank you to the guy who saved you from that bully in high school, you can take advantage of any of the below-mentioned people search engines.

        1. Pipl

        Pipl is one of the most comprehensive people search engines that can find people all over the world using different parameters. You can enter a name, email address, username or phone number to start searching for people (more information; the better).


        Pipl is a reliable and quite an easy to use platform that allows you to quickly find anyone, anywhere. Additionally, you can use filters like age and location pinpoint the right person. I searched for multiple people on Pipl and found almost all of them in the first 10 results (including myself).

        2. Peek You

        Peek You uses the similar approach as Pipl when it comes to searching for the database, but it might not be as easy to use. It shows extensive information about a given name or username that might be a little difficult to absorb for novice users.

        peek you

        Peek You offers extensive information including emails, social profiles, public records, web search results and images for the name you entered. You will have to comb through all of this information to find the exact match. It is one of the best tools if you want to see the web presence and images of people.

        3. ZabaSearch

        The US only people search engine, ZabaSearch is a great search engine if you are looking for someone in the USA. It will show their phone number, state, and address to track them.


        With ZabaSearch, you can run extensive background checks to see anyone’s public records and social presence. There is also an option to send messages directly from the website to people to ask if they are the one you are looking for.

        4. Whitepages

        WhitePages shows complete profiles of people living in the USA so you could run background checks or find someone specific. Age and location filters make it easy to pinpoint the right person, and then you can view their profile for more information.


        Whitepages has a simple interface and offers a number of features. The information you can get includes, family members, public records, contact details and other business-oriented information.

        5. Beenverified

        BeenVerified offers comprehensive information on names, emails, phone numbers and even properties, but you will have to get the paid membership if you want all the information. If you need to run background checks frequently, then BeenVerified might be worth a try.


        The unique feature about BeenVerified is that it can give you detailed information about people in a specific area. All the basic information about people is free, but it can also create a complete profile of selected people for paid members.

        6. Address Search

        As the name suggests, Address Search lets you do lookups on email addresses and street addresses of people. Limited to only the USA, it will show you email and location of people using the name or other information provided.

        address search

        Address Search gives you free information on millions of email and mailing addresses. However, it hides both email and street address partially to respect the privacy of people. Nevertheless, you can send an email through the website to the person you’re trying to find.

        7. Google Search

        Google Search isn’t actually a people search engine, but it could be the most customizable one. Though Google will show tons of unrelated information, you can take advantage of Google advanced search to pinpoint your search.

        google search

        Google has data on all the websites and can offer a huge amount of information about anyone or any contact detail. You can customize the search according to your specific requirements. Check out our guide to use Google Search better to understand how you can effectively search for people online.

        8. Criminal Searches

        Criminal Searches lets you see the criminal record of anyone using basic information provided by you. From basic traffic violations to time spent in jail, it will tell you all the criminal background of people. You can use advanced search parameters to look for the right person.

        criminal searches

        Criminal Searches is the best option for finding criminal records of people. It lets you know about people with criminal background in your neighborhood, or get alerts for the recorded criminal activity of specific people.

        9. Lullar

        Lullar is a people search engine specifically made for finding profiles of people on different social media. Some of the social websites include Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, and Pinterest, etc.


        Lullar is the perfect platform if you need to see someone’s presence on multiple social networks. You can provide name, email or username of anyone and it will run a search on popular social media platforms for matching people.

        10. Infobel

        Infobel is specially created for finding information about companies, but it also helps you do a search on people working in different companies or businesses.


        With information on companies in 51 countries, Infobel shows their exact location, creation date, stock information and other details about the working of the company. If you’re searching for a person, it will show contact information and information about their work background.

        11. Yasni

        Yasni might be a little overwhelming, but it can be extremely helpful if you manage to pinpoint it. When you search for someone, it will show the usual information for that name. Additionally, you can also look for people based on their working background.


        Yasni helps you find people based on professional background. It will show locations and work/title backgrounds at the top so that you can pinpoint the person you’re looking for. This makes it astonishingly easy get specific information about the person you’re interested in.

        12. Facebook Friend Browser

        You can take advantage of the Facebook Friend Browser to quickly look for people using different parameters. By default, Facebook shows all the people who you have any connection with, but you can also manually search for people. If they have a Facebook profile, then finding them shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

        facebook friend browser

        Being the biggest social network with 1.79 billion active users, there is a good chance the person you are looking for also has an account on Facebook. There is a search form on Facebook where you can enter the name, hometown, current city, school or occupation and other profile related information to find the exact match.

        13. Person LookUp

        Person LookUp gives you access to multiple people search engines to find people using specific parameters or access specific information about them.

        person lookup

        Person Lookup is a search engine to find different people search engines. There are search engines to find public records, find school friends, find peoplebased on location and find contact information about people etc.

        14. Find People Search

        Find People Search will show the exact address, phone number, and email address of the person you’re searching for specifically in the US. You can also send them an email, delete their information and set up notifications for more information on the person.

        find people search

        A very easy to use people search engine that offers a good amount of contact information about people. You simply need to provide a name or email address and select the US state where they reside. You can also get a notification when information will be updated for a specific person.

        15. MyLife

        MyLife is good for finding information about people, but it is more useful in finding online information about yourself so you can manage it according to your needs. Of course, you can also use this tool to get more information about other people. However, you will have to sign up for a free account to see the reports.


        If you think your background information may affect your future, then you can use MyLife to track what other people can find out about you online and manage this information manually.

        To Summarize

        With access to all the aforementioned people search engines, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to find the person you are looking for. If one search engine fails to find the person, you should give try to others. Each search engine uses different databases to look for people, so you never know which one may be able to help you.

        My recommendation would be to give Pipl a try first as it does a great job of quickly finding people. However, if you are interested in learning more about a person, then Yasni or MyLife is a good choice too.

         Source: This article was published hongkiat.com By Karrar Haider

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        Billions of searches are conducted each day on popular search engines and social networking websites by people all around the world. But what exactly do these people search for? A number of major search engines provide a way to glimpse into the web’s query stream to discover the most popular search trends, keywords, and topics.


        • Google Trends: Allows you to tap into Google’s database of searches, to determine which keywords are most popular. View the volume of search queries over time (since 2004) worldwide or by regions and subregions, by languages, categories, and in Google properties such as news, image, or product search. Compare multiple terms, as well. Offers a list of what is trending now in Hot Searches.
        • Google Autocomplete: Google’s Autocomplete is a tool that can help round out your research by providing keywords as seen through the searcher's experience. When a searcher begins to type into the search box on Google.com, additional keywords are offered for searches that could be similar to what is typed. Google’s algorithm works to predict search queries in real-time based on indexed web pages, personalized search history, other users’ search activity, and Google+ (for person’s name). Since the results are personalized, you may wish for more control over the Autocomplete feature. This can be accomplished by logging out of Google, turning off customizations, deleting web history, and Google+ settings.
        • Yahoo Buzz Log: Shows top overall keyword searches by Yahoo users with rank, buzz score, and how the search volume has moved in rank. There are additional options to narrow the buzz log by categories such as actors, movies, music, etc.
        • Bing Trends: More of a report, the Bing Community Search Blog breaks down billions of search queries from the previous year and offers insights by popular interests.
        • Bing Webmaster Keyword Research Beta: Find query volumes for phrases and keywords by country and language. This keyword research tool shows data show from organic searches on Bing. It also provides the number of impressions for a time period with Average Bid and Average CPC for ad placements on the top and sides of search results. A comprehensive description of this tool can be found in Bing Keyword Research Tool: Highlights & Limitations.
        • AOL Search Trends: Lists the top 50 search trends both hourly and daily on AOL. Data in AOL contains web and image searches (powered by Google), video (powered by Blinkx), News, Shopping, Maps, and Yellow Pages (powered by various providers).


        • Twitter Search: Allows you to see what people are talking about on Twitter by keyword, hashtag, or username. Advanced search has many features, notable is the use of emoticons to find tweets with a specific attitude, for example, sad emoticon represents negative attitude.
        • YouTube Keyword Tool: Keyword suggestions for terms you enter with monthly search volume on YouTube. As one of the largest search engines, this keyword list will reveal valuable insights as to how people search when they are looking for video media specifically, rather than general search engine queries.
        • YouTube Trends: Provides insights into popular videos based on keywords and video views. Trending Topics are algorithmically-generated topics from keywords in the title, tags, and description of the video within sets of videos that are currently rising in popularity. Trending videos are based on embedded video views and views on YouTube.
        • Google AdWords Keyword Tool: Enter a term or terms, to see search volume and keyword competition. Advanced options and filters allow you to refine by locations and languages and by desktop or mobile.

        Top Searches, Questions, Topics, Memes & More

        The major search engines and social networks also put out yearly recaps of the top trends of the year. Check out these past articles to get a glimpse of the top keywords, questions, topics, and trends people searched for each year:




        Source: This article was published searchenginewatch.com By Lisa Raehsler

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        Use Facebook Advanced Search to Find All Kinds of Things

        A search for people who like cats on Facebook

        Facebook advanced search is more a concept than a function. The world's largest social network had a standalone advanced search feature in the early days of its history but released a new service called Graph Search in early 2013 that essentially replaces the older advanced search features with a powerful new search engine.

        To do an advanced search on Facebook, it's best to sign up for the graph search feature if you haven't already activated it and start learning how it works.

        Our "Facebook Search Guide - Intro to Graph Search" provides an overview of how it works and the types of content you can look for and find with the so-called Graph Search. This article provides screenshots and explanations of more advanced query types and refinement options.

        Reviewing the Basics

        To start searching, remember you can just click on the Facebook logo or your name in the upper left corner and type any query. You can search for people, places and things matching all kinds of different traits or criteria, including geography, dates and clicks on the "like" button.

        Two general filters you likely will use are "friends" and "like," since those refer to friend connections and use of the "like" button throughout Facebook.

        Also remember, it's smart to pay attention to the phrasing suggestions Facebook presents in a drop-down list whenever you start typing a query. OK, that's it for basics, ready to move on?

        Query Phrasing Examples

        Let's start with a general query not restricted to friends. You might type, "people who live in Chicago, Illinois and are single and like cats."

        When I did this, the query turned up more than 1,000 people who matched the search, so Facebook presented two suggested phrasings that sought clarification on whether I meant "cats" as an animal or "cats" as a business. Those suggestions are shown in the image above.

        When I specified the "animal" type of cats, Facebook presented a list of matching users, with a vertical stack of profile photos of people who live in Chicago and have clicked the like button on cat photos.

        Facebook also asked if I wanted to see people who had liked "Cats & Dogs," the movie. And if I clicked the "see more" button, it offered "West Chicago" as a refinement option.

        Click the "NEXT" button below to see the list of additional filters that Facebook typically shows for people searches like this one.

        Facebook people search filter

        Advanced Search Filters for Chicago Cat Lovers

        Running an advanced Facebook search like "people who live in Chicago, Illinois and are single and like cats" can produce so many results that you'll have to refine the query if you want to see any meaningful results.

        The image above shows the typical people search filter box that is available on the results page for any query involving people. I've found that using this box is the best way to narrow a Facebook people search.

        As you can see, the box allows you to refine Facebook people search results by gender, employer, hometown, employer and so forth.

        Each of those filters has additional sub-categories you can choose. For example, under "friends," you can select one of these:

        • My close friends
        • My friends
        • Friends of my friends
        • Not my friends
        • Friends of Joe SixPack (substitute any friend of yours for Joe)

        Okay, let's look at a totally different example, this one involving Paula Deen and restaurants. It will allow us to explore the "places" bucket of content and the "like" button.

        Click "NEXT" for a new example.

        Facebook restaurant search

        OK, let's try an advanced Facebook search involving restaurants. Say you're a Paula Deen fan and you start typing a query that says something general: "restaurants liked by people who like Paula Deen..."

        Facebook may ask you to be more precise, since there are so many restaurants liked by Paula Deen fans.

        It may suggest you look at Savannah, Georgia restaurants, in Deen territory. It also will likely offer suggestions for types of restaurant queries that it can handle, as shown in the image above. It may rank them by popularity, such as Asian, American, Mexican and so forth.

        If you typed a more general phrase, leaving out a connector such as "by," and simply said "restaurants like friends Paula Deen," it would offer more precise versions of that query, such as restaurants...

        • liked by my friends who like Paula Deen (public figure)
        • liked by friends OF Paula Deen (person)
        • Cafes liked by my friends who like Paula Deen

        You get the idea.

        Next, let's explore more general searches for based on geography, religion and political views. click "Next" below to see examples.

        Facebook Graph search makes it easy to do a search by city, because one powerful search parameter for people on the social network involves geography.

        You can find Facebook friends by city using either the city where they currently live or their hometown. Both are examples of structured data Facebook stores about users, making it easy to search.

        You can also do a Facebook search by city for people you don't know, and based on the privacy settings of each individual, see a list of people living in particular cities who use Facebook that you are not friends with.

        I started with a general search on "People who live in Los Angeles, California" and it helpfully told me: "Your results include people who've lived in Los Angeles, California at any time. you may want to limit your search to Current Los Angeles, California residents." As I phrased the question different ways, it also asked if I wanted people who live IN L.A. or people who live NEAR L.A.

        The "see more" button prompted me to check for "my friends" who live in L.A. I clicked that option, and it spit out a list of my 14 friends who happen to currently live in or near Los Angeles, along with a list below that of friends of friends who live there.

        Advanced Facebook People Search Filters

        The filter box for refining "people search results" even further is accessible through a small rectangular tab or label on the right, usually overlaid on the visual search results. What the label says varies with the type of search; in this case it said "14 Friends" since that's how many matches I had. But it usually has three tiny stacked, horizontal bars. When you click on that little label, the filter box opens up with many more options for narrowing(or broadening) your search.

        The people filter offers all kinds of basic and advanced refinements. They are classified under headings such as "Relationships & Family, Work and Education, Likes and Interest, Photos and Videos," and so forth.

        Sort People by Political or Religious Views?

        These filters are very granular, and some are potentially controversial. They allow you, for example, to sort people by their age range, religious views (Buddhist? Catholic? Christian? Hindu? Jewish? Muslim? Protestant), and political views (Conservative? Democrat? Green? Liberal? Libertarian? Republican?) You can even specify what languages they speak. Some filters get into highly personal areas and, therefore, have privacy implications that worry many people.

        The image above, for example, shows the religious views options in the search filter box. It's similar to the political views box.

        The political views filter, along with the ability to search on who "liked" Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, allowed me to easily sort my friends into those favoring the Democratic or Republican party, at least around the time of the 2012 election. That was a new thing for me--I'd never seen anything like that before--a bunch of profile pictures of my friends sorted by political views.

        Extend Your Search in Other Ways

        In my L.A. people search, the "extend this search" area at the bottom of the filter box suggested that I might want to expand my search to see "photos of these people," or "these people's friends," or "places where they've worked."

        A remarkable variety of search options, indeed. Click "Next" to see more search examples, this time involving apps and who uses them.

        Finding Facebook Photos Lots of Friends Like or Commented On

        Facebook photo search filters

        One of my favorite Facebook searches is quite simple: "Photos I have liked."

        Despite all the time I've spent on Facebook, I've actually clicked the "Like" button on just under 100 pictures. They obviously moved me, so it was fun going back and looking at them all again.

        The "refine this search" button allowed me to also change my query easily to see all the photos that my friends have liked (provided their privacy settings allowed that.) That, of course, turned up the volume on the results, producing more than 1,000 photos.

        Facebook's search results counter seems to stop at 1,000; when your results exceed that amount, it won't tell you how many more there are, just that there are more than 1,000. At least, that's what happened in all my trials.

        You can do a lot of more specific photo searches similar to the example shown above, in which I searched for photos my friends took at zoos and aquariums. The background imagery shows photos that matched my query, and the filter box popped up on the right after I clicked the little horizontal bars previously mentioned.

        I had fun playing around with this one using the filter box (shown on the right), especially using the "commented on" and "liked" filters to see which of my friends had commented and what they said.

        (More examples of photo searches are available in our Introduction to Facebook Searching. Also, see our basic Facebook Photos Guide for general info on using pictures on the social network.)

        Click "Next" below to see ways you can search for Facebook apps used by your friends.

        Facebook Apps Your Friends Use

        Facebook apps friends

        Another interesting Facebook search you can run is "Apps my friends use."

        Facebook's advanced search will spit out a list of apps with their icons in order of popularity with your friends, or which ones are most used by your pals.

        Beneath the name of each app, it will list the names of a few friends who use it, along with the total number of your friends who use it.

        Beneath the names of your pal, it will show a couple of other links allowing you to run additional, related searches. They are outlined in red in the image above.

        Clicking "People" will produce a list of a bunch more people who use that app, not necessarily limited to your friends. This one is kind of creepy, but if you have not restricted the privacy settings for your use of this particular app, you could show up in the search results to anyone running a search like this.

        Clicking "similar" is less creepy and more useful; it will show a list of other apps similar to that one.

        Also fun is using Graph Search to find Facebook apps friends use. Facebook app search is a powerful capability of the new search engine. Here are a few specific queries Facebook may suggest relating to apps if you type apps and friends into the search bar, besides the most obvious one, "apps my friends use":

        • Apps my friends use that I use
        • Apps used by my friends who joined X (where X is a group you belong to)
        • Sports apps my friends use
        • Books apps my friends use
        • Apps my friends who live nearby use
        • Movies apps my friends use

        As always, the suggested searches likely will vary based on your personal connections, likes, and interests on Facebook.

        That's it for this tutorial. Now go explore the blue search bar. Have fun, and try not to get too creeped out.

         Source: This article was published lifewire.com By Leslie Walker

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        If you need to do a little bit of sleuthing about someone, the Web can be a fantastic resource. Track down an address or a phone number, find a long-lost school friend, or simply verify information with this list of the best six people search engines on the Web. All of these search engines are hyper-focused on finding only people-related information.

        These resources are free to use, at least for initial searches. Some sites will charge for detailed searches. Should you pay to find someone online? It really depends on the kind of information you're seeking.



        Pipl is a people search engine that scours the Invisible Web for information; basically, what that means is that you're going to get more than just the usual search engine results for whatever name you might be searching for.

        Pipl searches across social networking services, search engines, databases, etc. to find tidbits you might not usually find on a rudimentary search using a more generalized search engine.

        One interesting thing sets Pipl apart: It offers special services for nonprofits at a steep discount in order to create more ways for these organizations to help their clients. 


        Wink searches across what you would find using a regular search engine as well as across social communities, online profiles, etc. You can also use Wink to manage your online presence by creating a profile with it.

        You can claim and add various places where you might be active online, and manage them all in one convenient place. If you're looking for small tidbits of information across many different sources, Wink is a good choice to continue to put the clues together about whatever you might be looking for. 



        As one of the world's largest social networks with hundreds of millions of people accessing it daily, it makes sense to use Facebook as an incredibly useful tool to find people online. You can use the social media platform to search for people you went to high school and college with, as well as work colleagues, friends from elementary school, and non-profit organizations.

        Facebook is also great for finding people in specific geographic locations living in your local area that you might not know about, as well as any kind of association, club, or group. 

        While many people keep their Facebook profiles private and only give information to those visible in their immediate circles of friends and family, others do not. When a profile is public, it allows anyone who finds it immediate access to a person's posts, photos, check-in statuses and other personal details.


        PeekYou adds an interesting twist to the world of free people search engines; it allows you to search for usernames across a variety of social networking communities.

        For instance, if you want to learn more about the person who uses the handle "I-Love-Kittens"; PeekYou will show you anything else that username might be doing on the Web. There is an astonishing amount of information you can dig up on someone using only their username



        Use LinkedIn to search for professional networks that other people are involved in. When you add your business profile to the network, you can pick up quite a few details about people. 

        By signing up for your own profile, you can view other LinkedIn users' profiles. This lets you can see where someone works, who they work with, their former positions, current or former supervisors, any kind of recommendations they might have received, and much more.

        Depending on privacy settings, you might not be able to see everything that someone on LinkedIn has provided in their profile. In addition, if you are a registered user on LinkedIn, the fact that you looked at someone's profile typically will be made known to them. 


        Zabasearch is a free people search engine that scours freely accessible public information and records. Everything found at Zabasearch is culled from public domain information, such as databases, court records, and phone directories. It's a smart place to start a search because of all the public information it retrieves and shows in one place.

        Source: This article was published lifewire.com By Jerri Collins

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        Accessing various public records, Intelius provides comprehensive email address search for the U.S. and can reveal the person behind an email address, too. More »

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        FreshAddress.com links old and new email addresses, but it's always up to date database can also be searched for other criteria. More »

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        13-Myspace.com Discover People
        The space to meet friends on the web was once heavily populated. You can still find ways to get in touch with artists, though, and possibly old friends on Myspace.com. More »

        14-Plaxo Business Card Search
        After becoming a Plaxo member yourself, you can search—and contact—others in their directory. More »

        InfoTracer aggregates publicly available information—from Social Security records to blogs and business ownerships—for search by name, location, and also email address. More »

        16-Email Finder Reverse Email Lookup - People Search Site
        Email Finder finds more than email addresses. It looks up the person behind an email address, in fact, with a detailed profile—for members only.

        17-Reunion.com People Search - Free People Search Site
        After registering yourself (which puts you in the directory), Reunion.com turns up comprehensive results that get you back in touch with people you knew. You can also search by school, for example, and find out who's looking for you. More »

        18-XING - Free People Search Site
        Popular in Europe, XING helps you find and connect to businesses and their people. More »

        19-ICQ White Pages - Free People Search Site
        Search the directory of ICQ users with numerous criteria to find old and new friends and their email addresses. More »

        20-PeekYou People Search - Free People Search Site
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        You can search ThatsThem.com by name and address or, for reverse lookups, by email address with, in my experience, mixed results. More »


        Source: This article was published lifewire.com By Heinz Tschabitscher

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