What if you could look up medical symptoms online using an accurate virtual doctor system and avoid expensive trips to a real-life doctor completely? Taking sites like WebMD or Mayo Clinic to a whole new level, former Vroom CEO and Wix Board Member Allon Bloch founded Kang Health—the “Siri” of online medical search engines.


It’s a no-brainer that when people feel ill, they tend to turn to the Internet to discover what’s ailing them to avoid scheduling a doctor’s appointment. However, this too often leads to a false diagnosis.

Kang Health to the rescue. Users can simply enter their age, gender and the symptoms they are experiencing, and the system mines through search results of similar cases from people with the same demographic data and symptoms, alerting them of typical diagnoses or notifying them if they require medical assistance.


Although most of the information on Kang Health’s website and app is user-generated, the company has two full-time doctors serving on the board to validate the information coming in to ensure its accuracy. Users can also store their medical history and lifestyle for higher quality results.

Kang Health is slated for release in April or May 2017.

Author:  ZACK PALM

Source:  http://www.psfk.com/2016/11/startup-creates-better-online-medical-search-engine.html

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