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[This article is originally published in thenextweb.com written by Barry Schwartz - Uploaded by AIRS Member: Mercedes J. Steinman]

Dan Shure spotted late on Friday Google search tests where Google was showing jobs, like Google's own job search portal. Dan posted many many screenshots on Twitter and I immediately covered it on Search Engine Land.

Google then sent us this statement:

While we don’t have any news to announce at this time, we’re always looking for new ways to improve the Search experience for our users, whether they’re looking for movies to see, recipes to make, or job opportunities.

Google does have this Google Hire portal that is locked down. Is it related, maybe?

Let me share Dan's screenshots:

Query: [jobs online] 

google job online

It can go by industry as well:

It can go by industry as well

Or by locale:

Or by locale

When you click in to view more you get a Google Local like interface:

When you click in to view more you get a Google Local like interface

I bet job search portals are a bit nervous right now...

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Source: This article was bbntimes.com By Anuja Lath - Contributed by Member: Deborah Tannen

Google AdWords started in 2000 with merely 350 advertisers. 18 years later, a lot has changed with the number of advertisers growing exponentially.

According to the statistics, Google earned more than 44% of the global online advertising revenue and 80% of search results now contain AdWords.

Google AdWords is one part of PPC advertising, which any business can initiate by creating an AdWords account. Businesses invest big time in it since the benefits are plenty. Especially small businesses that struggle a lot to be seen by their prospective customers, AdWords is the most feasible option available. Small businesses can benefit a lot from AdWords. While initiating paid advertising, it is suggested that a small business should make use of Google AdWords tips to succeed.

For a business that has just stepped into the online world or marketing, ranking well on a search engine is a difficult task. This is where AdWords helps a business become visible to the users who could be their prospective customers.

Here are the benefits of Google AdWords for businesses:

Measurable at all Times

When compared to traditional marketing methods, online marketing offers better measurability. This is because you get real-time updates on your reach, impressions, clicks, likes, comments, etc. This is the same case with running AdWords. As a business owner or marketer, you get real-time updates on your ads, the number of clicks, conversions, etc. This helps you measure if your ads are working. The advantage of this is that it lets you make changes to your campaign instantly as you keep getting insights about your ads.

More effective

With AdWords, your ads are only shown to people who are searching for specific keywords. Unlike traditional marketing, this ensures that your ads are seen by a highly relevant audience that is likely to be your potential customers and not just anybody and everybody.

There is also a possibility of putting time and geographical restrictions. For example, if you only want your ads to be displayed from 9 AM to 12 PM, you can do that! And, if you want your ads to be displayed only in your city, that can be done too! By adding various filters and features, your ads can be made more effective.

Instant Results

One of the challenges faced by small business owners is that they all want their business to rank well on search engines. However, organic rankings take time, expertise and a lot of peripheral activities such as off page SEO. For startups, driving visitors to their websites can be a big task.

With AdWords, it is possible to attract visitors to your website instantly. If you are willing to pump in the money, you can make sure your ad is the first one to show on the SERP. However, to see better results, it is a good idea for your business strategy to use a combination of both SEO and AdWords.

Boosts Engagement

If you invest money in AdWords, your ads are bound to show up on SERPs. Once you implement your AdWords campaign, you will see that you get clicks more often. AdWords boosts the engagement on your website. And the best part is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad!

The more clicks and advertiser gets, the better it is! With every click on your ad, there is a potential customer on the other end who is landing up on your website or landing page.


Once you implement AdWords, it becomes easy to track various campaigns and analyze which ones work best for you. The transparent nature of Google AdWords allows you to test and track your campaigns in real time.

This tracking and analysis allow you to tweak your campaigns till all your ads are high performing ads. This can be done by identifying low performing ads and keywords, adding or removing geographical locations based on data, and other tweaks.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Perhaps the best quality of AdWords is that it gives you a clear picture of exactly what your competitors are doing with their AdWords campaigns. This helps you stay at par if not ahead of the competition. Based on ads your competitors are running and the keywords they are targeting, you can revamp your AdWords strategy.

One way of doing this is by implementing competitor analysis. This lets you know what about the trending techniques and strategies your competitors have been following. Getting seeing online by your potential customers means you have a better chance of generating more viewers, thus leads.

Get Found Easily

In today’s technology-driven era where the solution to everything is the Internet, implementing AdWords for your business will ensure more eyeballs, clicks and more than anything, it will make your business more discoverable.

Using AdWords for your business will help potential customers and users find you easily. The key to success here is having a good understanding of the type of keywords your target audience uses to find products or services like yours.

It is nothing but beneficial for businesses to implement AdWords campaigns to get discovered by more potential customers. If your business has the capacity to invest in a Google AdWords campaign, we highly recommend it! Let us know your thoughts on running an AdWords campaign in the comments below!

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When it comes to online advertising, the search engine giant Google has completely taken the world by storm. Now if you want to research, learn, watch, buy etc. everyone immediately goes to Google with the power of the entire internet shown instantly. Currently over 40,000+ people search on Google every second; and now with the power of Google AdWords, businesses of any size are able to market themselves and appear at the fore-front of these searches.

Over the last five to six years the search engine has grown at a tremendous scale, Google AdWords is the biggest source of revenue and profits for Google currently. Previously companies used to promote themselves via flyers, newspaper and radio ads; now, it has changed. People want to do background checks and research more about companies/services online - giving rise to Google AdWords. Previously the ratio of advertising spend was 80-90% offline media, this has gone into a complete reverse with businesses now hardly spending any marketing on outdoor and print media - now solely pushing to online advertising.

Whether companies are looking at generally more visibility or getting more sales & the phone ringing, Google AdWords has become the source of all businesses desires for growth. With the power to target customers locally and internationally in any country across the globe, Google AdWords allows businesses to target the right people exactly when their customers are looking for them. Saving the best for last, you only pay Google when you get results! Meaning only when someone actually clicks on your ad do you pay, you can start with any budget and work your way up depending on the success you see from your advertising.

In-order to help companies to manage their Google AdWords In Dubai they've introduced a program called 'Google Partners'. Google Partners are agencies with online marketing experts, certified by Google, to completely run AdWords campaigns.

As leading business consultants based out of Dubai, Be Unique Group has grown to become one of the fastest emerging agencies in Dubai, UAE. Regarded by businesses as "marketing experts" they've proudly become recognized by Google as one of the top Google Partner Agencies in the Middle East.

Specializing in maximizing profits whilst reducing costs for specifically small to medium sized businesses, today Be Unique Group has officially opened two offices simultaneously in both Abu Dhabi, UAE and New York City USA to cope with expansion.

Quote from Be Unique Group Director, Ali Soudi:

"It's been a true pleasure working with businesses from completely different industries to promote them online. There is no greater feeling seeing the power online advertising can do for businesses. Being initially formed in 2009 we strive to exceed our clients' expectations every single day.

Primarily majority of our clients come to us from recommendations and referrals and as long as we always continue to deliver on our word, every-time, we will continue to expand. We're very grateful for this honor from Google to be considered a Google Premier Partner Agency."

Ali Soudi, Director, Be Unique Group.


Contact: Ali Soudi | +971-50-948-5505, +971-4-380-5077

SOURCE Be Unique Group

Source : prnewswire.com


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Google introduced Price Extensions in AdWords last July to show prices on types of products and services in text ads. The extensions are now eligible to show on all devices, not just mobile.

I haven’t seen them in the wild yet, but the example Google provided shows three price extensions in the desktop version.

This is similar to the cards used in the mobile format using swipeable cards that has been around since November.

With this change, advertisers now have the option of setting separate mobile URLs for price extensions.

Author : Ginny Marvin

Source : http://searchengineland.com/adwords-price-extensions-now-live-devices-270325

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DMN spoke with Kyle Christensen of Invoca, a call intelligence company, to make sense of the changes

Changes are taking the pace…

And marketers need to catch up. Two weeks ago, Google announced to a group of AdWords advertisers that upcoming changes would occur to the phone numbers that appear in ads.

Well, the time is here, and DMN spoke with Kyle Christensen, senior vice president of marketing at Invoca, a call intelligence company, to make sense of the changes.

Yesterday, Google AdWords launched changes that will affect campaigns that use both call extensions and local extensions by no longer giving marketers the opportunity to differentiate calls driven from AdWords location-based business ads, and calls driven from other sources to their main line.

While the change will allow Google to test different methods of collection, it will present marketers with a heavy reliance on Google's analytics, as well as a lack of call conversion tracking at the individual location level.

“For a practical example from a user perspective: if a consumer searches ‘laundromat,' the number that appears in the paid ad they see will now automatically match the number that appears in the organic search results for that local business, rather than a number the company was using to track or route the call,” said Christensen.

The change joins a number of updates that are part of Google's effort to create a more consistent user experience, which also included the introduction of a new feature called Automated Call Extensions.

“This feature impacts advertisers that do not yet use call extensions, but have a strong call-to-action to place a phone call,” said Christensen. “In these cases, Google will pull the phone number from the advertiser's landing page and automatically create a call extension that forwards calls to that landing page phone number.”

The impact the changes will have on marketers, according to Christensen, will depend on a number of factors.

“First, local businesses will be impacted more than regional, national or international ones. Local advertisers who frequently show location extensions may start to see more calls going to their Google My Business phone number rather than their direct call extension number,” said Christensen.

On the other hand, for marketers with a basic marketing stack, or those that may be relying solely on Google My Business alone to manage their business calls, Christensen said  these changes won't make much of a difference.

“However, more sophisticated marketers using third party call intelligence solutions — especially those that drive a significant volume of calls from local search ads — will lose the ability track these calls once this change takes effect unless they opt out,” said Christensen.

Such impacts convey the limited advantage of Google call extension capabilities, forcing some brands, according to Christensen to adopt call intelligence solutions.

“If you use a call intelligence platform and fail to opt out of Google's update, you'll lose the opportunity to connect what happens offline during a phone call to the rest of the customer journey,” said Christensen.

Author : Alexander Neely

Source : http://www.dmnews.com/marketing-strategy/how-the-google-adwords-changes-will-affect-marketers/article/632804/

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The company also released a compilation of insights on Black Friday mobile and in-store shopping behaviors.

Google is integrating Store Visits data into more AdWords reporting ahead of the holiday shopping surge. The search giant also shared findings on mobile search trends and store traffic patterns from Black Friday weekend last year.

The Distance report, located under the Dimensions tab, shows store visits based on how far away someone was from a store location (as indicated by an advertiser’s location extensions) when they performed a search and clicked on an ad.

With store visits data available in the geographic and user location reports (located from the Settings tab > Locations tab > “View location reports”), advertisers can see what areas are driving the highest volume of store visits. Advertisers can drill down to the postal code level within these reports.

Having visibility into this data helps further close the online-to-offline loop and can be used to inform location targeting and bid adjustments for areas that are driving store visits.

Retailers with enough ad clicks and in-store traffic volume will see store visits data in Search campaign reports now, and it will be available for Shopping campaigns soon.

According to Google, on Thanksgiving Day last year, 59 percent of mobile shopping searches occurred before 6 p.m., when many stores opened their doors and in-store foot traffic started to pick up. On Black Friday, in-store foot traffic peaked between noon and 4 p.m. See the infographic below for more insights on Black Friday shopping.


Auhor:  Ginny Marvin

Source:  http://searchengineland.com/

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This week in search, we saw even more signals of a massive Google update, both seem not to be related to Penguin. Although, Google does have a date in mind on when to launch Penguin 4.0. Google seems to have dropped how often they show the image search box in the search results. Google will be updating their JavaScript recommendations in the upcoming weeks. Google now shows the reviewers name next to the review snippets. Google added new schema and structured markup for courses. Google is showing image thumbnails in the mobile search results. Google is testing a whiter desktop search look. Google added helpful buttons to local reviews. Google sometimes hides the full address in the maps results. Google may show a local map pack at the bottom of the search results. Google AdWords keyword planner tool is changing your keywords. Google had another big bug with the keyword planner tool this week, they fixed it days later. Google Adwords added a new way to access multiple accounts. Google AdWords extended the expanded text ads deadline. Google is dropping support for the campaign experiments feature in AdWords. That was this week in search at theSearch Engine Roundtable.

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Source : https://www.seroundtable.com/video-09-16-2016-22709.html


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