In a motion filed by assistant federal defender Peter Adolf, he argues that during the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s operation into the deepweb child pornography site “Playpen,” the FBI made the child pornography issue even worse.

Similar motions claim that the FBI themselves distributed as many as 1 million pictures and videos of child pornography to more than 100,000 users while overseeing the operations of the Playpen site.

As part of the operation known as “Operation Pacifier,” the FBI infiltrated Playpen and had full control of the site during February 2015. During this time, the FBI uploaded illicit pictures and videos that allowed malware to be installed on the computers of the site’s users. The malware led to the eventual prosecution of 186 individuals.

According to The Daily Caller, three lawyers have filed motions against the FBI for their role in distributing child pornography and running the site. In addition, several judges have recommended throwing out or suppressing evidence obtained in the hacking of users’ computers.

According to Peter Adolf’s motion filed on August 22nd to dismiss his client’s indictment, Playpen membership rose by 30 percent and the weekly number of visitors to the site increased from 11,000 to 50,000. His motion claims the FBI distributed 200 videos, 9,000 images and 13,000 links of child pornography.

His official statement:

From there the FBI distributed child pornography to viewers and downloaders worldwide for nearly two weeks, until at least March 4, 2015, even working to improve the performance of the website beyond its original capability.

As a result, the number of visitors to Playpen while it was under Government control [jumped] from an average of 11,000 weekly visitors to approximately 50,000 per week. During those two weeks, the website’s membership grew by over 30%, the number of unique weekly visitors to the site more than quadrupled, and approximately 200 videos, 9,000 images, and 13,000 links to child pornography [sites] were posted to the site.

Adolf is arguing that his client’s charges should be dropped because the FBI’s actions during the investigation were shocking and equated “outrageous conduct.”

“Government agents worked hard to upgrade the website’s capability to distribute large amounts of child pornography quickly and efficiently, resulting in more users receiving more child pornography faster than they ever did when the website was running ‘illegally,'” Adolf added.

Adolf lists comments from some of the site’s users that further his client’s claim that the site was functioning better than it ever had prior to the FBI’s presence.

Of those comments praising the site’s functionality some included comments like these:

“Yes, it is working much better now!”

“Working FAST today :-)”

“It now runs everything very smoothly!”

Adolf points to two previous circuit court cases in 1984 and 1986 where cases have been dismissed when government agents have supplied or were “intimately involved” in the production of illegal material, or when their conduct resulted in injuries to an innocent third party. The government’s current standards for child pornography include a new case of abuse each time a child has his or her image viewed.

Between information in Adolf’s motion and the similar motions filed on the 22nd, the FBI distributed a million pictures, videos, and links, and according to those defense attorneys, that number is a “conservative estimate.”

From the Department of Justice’s own press release:

“Producing and distributing child pornography re-victimizes our children every time it is passed from one person to another.”

“The court should schedule an evidentiary hearing to determine the extent of the harm caused by the government’s investigatory tactics and dismiss the indictment if the Court finds the governmental conduct leading to the charges against the defendants unable to reconcile with fundamental expectations of decency and fairness,” the attorneys concluded.

Author:  C. ALIENS

Source:  https://www.deepdotweb.com

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