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Supernatural Staffordshire: The family called in a priest after a 'demon' entered their home


Angels & demons.

Good & bad.

The full spectrum of the human psyche. Being human.

People do amazing things everyday and carry out heart-warming acts of kindness and love.

There are others who demonstrate atrocities and acts of pure evil.

This week's account is from a gentleman called Donavon. At the time he was 10 years old and lived in Penkhull. The year was 1984.

Don, now 43; was brought up in a devout Catholic background and spent many days reading and learning about the bible and its many teachings.

"Its was something I loved to do," says Don. "Learning about Christ, and his sacrifices, taught me a lot about life and myself to be honest.

"My father was involved with the local church and we would spend a lot of our free time at the church together – I have really fond memories of growing up."

Living with his father, mother and younger twin sister, Don enjoyed a happy care-free childhood.

Until one day in late 1984 when he was alone in the kitchen.

"It started with a buzzing sound, like someone had left something electrical switched on," says Don.

"It was a noise I hadn't heard before. I looked but couldn't find the source – it seemed to move around the room, from one side to the next.

"Then I noticed a smell, it was like rotten meat - a terrible smell that really unnerved me."

Then early one morning - at about 3am - Don awoke to a noise coming from outside his bedroom door.

"It sounded like an animal was sniffing under the door which was scary as we didn't have a dog or cat.

"I froze in the bed and didn't dare move."

Still the animal could be heard sniffing under the door as if it where hunting for food......or someone.

"It sounded big and I seem to remember it even grunted at one point," says Don.

Petrified, he began to scream for help. The noise stopped when his father and mother ran into his room.

"That's when I smelt the rotting meat again and the buzzing noise started up – with my confused and terrified parents being witness to it this time as well. All three of us heard it."

The following day Don's parents brought a priest in to the home for a cleansing. It worked and they never experienced anything like it again.

Humans can be pure or evil.

So can spirits.

Author: The Sentinel
Source: http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/supernatural-staffordshire-the-family-called-in-a-priest-after-a-demon-entered-their-home/story-30257934-detail/story.html


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