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Starting June 1st Google Will Make Pirated Films Harder to Find


Google, as well as a number of search engine companies, are working alongside entertainment firms to design new code in order to reduce the number of links to pirated content that appear in search results. This will reportedly take place starting June 1st, this year.

Google and a number of other search engine companies are in talks with some firms in the entertainment industry over a new code design that will help reduce the number of links to pirated content that appear in search results. This will be implemented on June 1st this year.

Tackling Internet Piracy

After years of search engines taking the blame for the rise of Internet piracy, the government reportedly brought Google and the entertainment industry representatives together in order to discuss ways to tackle the problem.

It has also been rumored that a new legislation could force search engine companies such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to work harder on tackling piracy.

Last month, the UK’s major ISPs starting emailing “educational letters” to customers who use their Internet connection to access pirated films, TV shows and music.

According to TorrentFreak, the UK’s Intellectual Property Office led discussions between the search engine companies and entertainment firms.

This led to an agreement that the new measures will be introduced on June 1st. It is reported that an agreement is “extremely close” to being signed.

Comments on the Agreement

“The search engines involved in this work have been very co-operative, making changes to their algorithms and processes, but also working bilaterally with creative industry representatives to explore the options for new interventions, and how existing processes might be streamlined,” said Baroness Buscombe.

“I understand that all parties are keen to finalize and sign up to the voluntary agreement, and so we believe there is no need to take a legislative power at this time.”

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