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Slow broadband? How to check internet speeds right from the Google homepage


DOES YOUR broadband feel like it’s a little slower than usual? Here’s how to easily check your speeds in real-time – direct from the Google homepage.

There is no shortage of websites offering to help test your broadband speeds.

Netflix has one to help users determine what video quality they can expect with their current broadband speeds, and of course, the always-reliable is often synonymous with this entire category of website.

But one of the quickest ways to run a broadband speed test is direct from the Google homepage.

Google has a built-in speed test that appears directly in the search results.

First things first, you’ll need to make sure you’re connected to the wired or wireless connection you want to test.

Then head on over to to double check the internet connection is up-and-running.

When you’re ready, type the words “Speed Test” into the search box.

Obviously, this will load-up a list of Google search results, but at the top will be Google’s own offering.

To check your internet speed, click on Run Speed Test.

This loads a small web applet that shows the tests running in real-time, as Google checks your ping, download, and upload speeds.

When the test is finished, Google will display the results.

Google broadband speedtest

Google can now test your internet speed right from its homepage

You’ll also be able to check the server location that was used in the test, additional information about your network’s speed including what you should be able to do (stream 1080p video content), and a link to re-run the test.

Granted, it’s not revolutionary – and is very similar to other offerings.

But given Google will be most people’s port-of-call to start looking for a speed test online, this should significantly speed-up the process.

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