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SERP Analysis dashboard is introduced to Link-Assistant.Com's Rank Tracker


The new dashboard lets Rank Tracker users get strategic insights about their organic search competition, discover new competitors as they enter the top results, and spot crucial Google algorithm updates.

(PRWEB) September 13, 2016

Link-Assistant.Com, the industry leader in developing Internet Marketing tools, announced today the addition of competitive intelligence and SERP analytics to Rank Tracker. With the new feature, users get historical SERPs for every check and SERP fluctuations graph, aka the "SERP weather". The new feature is available to Rank Tracker users with paid licenses: Professional or Enterprise.

Keyword research and rank monitoring app, Rank Tracker is one of the four tools in SEO PowerSuite, a one-stop platform for all SEO jobs and analytics.

*Why analyzing SERP history and fluctuations*

Analyzing the search engine result pages (SERPs) is an advanced SEO approach, which is becoming popular among the seasoned SEO professionals. It lets one understand the SERP trends for specific keywords, instantaneously spot new organic search competitors and Google algo updates.

*How the SERP analysis is integrated into Rank Tracker*

From now on, webmasters can make use of a convenient SERP Analysis dashboard in Rank Tracker.

The dashboard will save the list of top 30 search engine results for every rank check one runs, across all keywords and search engines, however many.

In addition to that, Rank Tracker will also display a SERP Fluctuation graph, the "weather graph," which helps one understand search engine trends that matter for a specific business niche.

To see the powerful SERP analytics in action, Rank Tracker licensed users need to update the software to the latest version. New users can order the software licenses at the official site

More information about the new feature is available at the company's blog. To stay on top of Link-Assistant.Com news, sign up to the blog updates and follow the company in social media: Facebook, Twitter @LinkAssistant and Google Plus

About Link-Assistant.Com

Link-Assistant.Com is an industry-leading software house, with a focus on developing tools for smarter Internet Marketing. The company's range of products includes SEO PowerSuite (end-to-end Internet Marketing Tools), BuzzBundle (social media management software), and the recently-launched Awario (an online app for monitoring social and web mentions).

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