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'MYSTERY SEARCH' There’s a secret version of Google search which can yield some very surprising results


Mystery Search is the alternative search engine you never knew you needed.

IF you think that plain old Google searches aren’t exciting – or unpredictable – enough, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s an alternative way to use Google’s search engine.

Mystery Search is the hilarious alternate search engine you never knew you needed.

Although the little known site uses the same Google search bar as you’re used to, mystery searches come with a twist which means you rarely get the results you were expecting.

That’s because the engine doesn’t show the results for what you just typed in, instead it shows the results for the previous person’s search – meaning you have no idea what you’re going to get.

Because it uses the last person’s input, you could be faced with literally anything when you hit that search button, so be warned that the site is not suitable for children and may not be safe for work.

Mystery Search will give you results based on what the last person just typed in
Mystery Search will give you results based on what the last person just typed in

Whilst the Mystery Search gimmick makes it completely useless for actually looking up anything specific, it can lead to some hilarious and surreal results – and you may even end up learning something.

When searching for “the Sun online”, the site came up with some completely nonsensical searches, as well as the results for some rap lyrics, twerking celebrities and the question: “who actually likes Denmark?”


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