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Realize your definition of success: an eBook for today’s marketers


Three different marketers, three unique paths to success:

No two businesses are alike. Your products, services, goals, perspective and definition of success are undoubtedly unique. Your marketing should be, too.

So why are so many marketing solutions inflexible and one-size-fits-all? Here at the Bing Network, we’re committed to helping each of our customers — no matter what size or shape — meet their marketing goals.

Search is one of the best places for businesses to find customers. Why? Searchers are people who already have a need, and they’re basically looking for your business to fulfill their need. Achieving marketing success with search is easily attainable. And because we work with all kinds of clients, we know what works and can share best practices from companies like yours.

Unique Perspectives, Personalized Search Marketing Strategies

Our new eBook, Realizing Your Definition of Success, shares the story of three very different marketers looking for flexible tools to help them manage their campaigns, get the most out of their budgets and time, and maybe most important, achieve great return on investment.

For Nick Braun, small business owner of, digital marketing was an entirely new realm. He was looking to boost awareness of his national pet insurance business in the US, which was a market with little awareness and low adoption of pet insurance in general.
Paid search had long been a core marketing component for 25-year-old French furniture and decoration retailer Alinéa. The company’s in-house e-marketing team had established effective marketing solutions to drive people to its website and promotional offers but were seeking new ways to gain an edge on the competition.

Expert digital marketing agency TinderPoint was focused on securing greater interest across its clients’ websites — clients that include startups, Fortune 250 and FTSE 100 organizations across the globe. Their challenge was finding ways to demonstrate better ROI for a major client, an energy provider for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Each business looked to gain more reach to specific audiences — whether by age, gender, geographic location or time frame. With Bing Network, each business had access to unique, growing audiences and the tools that made reaching them in the right moment easy.

Regardless of their different perspectives and goals, all three businesses saw success beyond their expectations. With robust solutions and growing access to unique audiences, Bing Network helped them achieve all they set out for and more.

Your business is like no other. Your marketing should be, too. Whether your business is looking to drive awareness, reach a unique audience or enhance the accessibility of your ads, Bing Network provides a range of solutions that make achieving your goals easier than ever.



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