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QUEUE JUMP The clever way Google can help you dodge queues and miss crowds forever


The search engine has a really feature – known as Popular Times – which predicts when places will be rammed (or not).

It’s based on anonymous data from people who opt to share their location when using their mobile.

It lets you pinpoint when might be the best time to visit.

For example, you can see that on Fridays at the London Eye the most popular time is between 2pm and 3pm, whereas arriving at 10am should slash your waiting time.

Whereas visiting the Ikea in Manchester between 8 and 9pm on a Saturday is the best way to avoid the weekend crowds.

The clever tip was picked up by MoneySavingExpert after their readers reported using it successfully.

Firstly, Google the name and location of where you want to go

Firstly, Google the name and location of where you want to go

Scroll down to reveal the Popular Times chart

Scroll down to reveal the Popular Times chart

How to use the Popular Times feature on Google to avoid queues

Firstly, do a Google search for the restaurant, attraction, etc. On the right hand side you will see a box with Google’s listing for the destination.

If you scroll down you will see the Popular Times graph. You can then flick between the days to find the quietest times.

Not all places have a times graph – it only appears once Google has enough data to establish opening times.

Although, there are plenty of places where it does work across the UK.

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