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Post your questions to Erica - a semi-autonomous android


If you’ve ever wondered what an android thinks about humans and the future, now’s your chance to ask one a question

Erica’s creators believe she has a soul and can help teach us about the future and what it means to be human. She believes she’s a child of humanity and hopes to one day move her arms and legs.

The documentary Erica: Man made is about a semi-autonomous android, who was created by Hiroshi Ishiguro and his colleague Dylan Glas and is the product of the most funded scientific project in Japan.

The team regard themselves as artists more than scientists, and the Erica project – the result of a collaboration between Osaka and Kyoto universities and the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International – is a philosophical one as much as technological one.

Erica is interviewed about her hopes and dreams. She likes to chat with visitors and has one of the most advanced speech synthesis systems yet developed. Can she be regarded as being alive or as a comparable being to ourselves? Will she help us to understand ourselves and our interactions as humans better?

If you’d like to ask Erica a question about humanity, AI or what it’s like to be her, now’s your chance. Share your questions with us by Monday 10 April 23:59 BST and her creators will ask her the most interesting ones, to be featured in a follow up video next week.

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