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Check your assignments work with a free Plagiarism Detection Tool

By  Aidan Caroline

Writing an assignment is not an easy task especially when you don’t have enough understanding of the topic. It has been seen that many students are facing hard to write their assignments and getting lower grades.

There are multiple issues that you may have to face while writing an assignment. One of the biggest problems in this regard is plagiarism which has become common in the world.

It does not matter whether you are writing an assignment or a paper, it might be possible that you are plagiarizing even without intensions. According to research, around 36% of students from different undergraduate programs are plagiarizing their assignments and papers.

From these stats, you can estimate that unique work has become almost rare in the world of the internet. If you are doing this, you might be welcoming threats to harm your educational career.

In this blog, we are going to show you how to check plagiarism before submitting an assignment using a free tool. You should read this blog till the end because it would be beneficial for you to know why it is important to get rid of duplications.

Why you are getting plagiarism in your assignments?

Whenever you are writing an assignment, it is common to have this question in mind. The reason is getting plagiarism in the work is irritating for a student especially when he is not doing it intentionally.

The main problem in getting plagiarism in assignment writing is excessive use of the internet. No doubt, the technology and internet have helped humanity a lot in exploring various dimensions.

But it has become hard for a person to think uniquely and write something that has not been discussed on the internet. It would be okay to copy someone’s statements for proof of your work but it is not the way to do it all the time.

When you are searching for data from the internet, you may have got some points stuck in your memory. While writing your assignment or paper, it might be right that you have used them accidentally.

As a result, you will be shown those lines under the plagiarized section. In such a case, you can say that you have no intentions to duplicate someone but it has been done accidentally. You have to face the consequences because no one will believe in your words.

Another reason that might be behind getting plagiarism is the lack of interest. When you don’t have an interest in a subject or topic, it might be possible that you copy and paste someone’s assignment into your work.

It does not matter what is the reason for getting duplication in your assignment. You will be asked to get remove plagiarism or might be labeled with a cheating tag by your professor. So, you should check whether your assignment is unique or not before sending it.

How to check plagiarism using a free tool?

For a human, it is not possible to explore billions of web pages and compare his work with them to get an idea about plagiarism. This is where you will find a free tool beneficial for your task.

Prepostseo plagiarism checker is one of the best tools available online that you can use for checking duplications. It is completely free to use this tool for checking plagiarism in up to 2000 words.

To use this tool, you only have to insert the text and tap on the Check Plagiarism button. The tool will not ask you to register an account for doing this or any kind of verification.

It has a vast database from which it will perform a comparison of your text. After a few minutes, it will show you how much plagiarism your paper has.  

The tool will display results in a line-by-line manner that makes it easy for you to analyze the report and rewrite the duplicated lines. You can also tap on the Matched URLs option to open that tab and get to know from where it has found matches.

In short, it will be simple for you to use this tool to check plagiarism and reword the sentences by checking them directly. You can use this tool for as many turns as you want. It does not restrict your activity.

You only have to refresh the page to perform another check with this tool. If you want to save time and extend the word count limit, you have to purchase its subscription. By doing this, you will be able to perform a check of up to 20k words in a single turn.

What is the best way to remove plagiarism?

Till now, you have understood that it is important to check for plagiarism and remove it. But the question is how you can do this. The best technique and way to do this is to paraphrase the copied lines.

If you are getting plagiarism in general lines or sentences, it would be better to restructure them or rewrite them. You can adopt different ways to do this like the replacement of synonyms, related words, and voice changing.

But if you still facing some plagiarism issues in your assignment, then the best and easiest way is to take help from online plagiarism-removing tools.

A plagiarism remover uses the latest AI technology to remove duplicate content from your assignment and makes it 100% unique within seconds.

You can use any of the above techniques in order to remove plagiarized content from your assignment effortlessly.

Why it is necessary to remove plagiarism from assignments?

It is necessary to remove plagiarism from assignments in order to avoid plagiarism penalties. Plagiarism penalties can include a loss of points, a failing grade, and even expulsion from school.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for students to take help from a plagiarism remover to remove any copied content from their work.

These online plagiarism-checking tools use the latest AI technology that removes plagiarized text or sentences from the content and makes it 100% unique in less time.

Furthermore, we have enlisted some harmful events or impacts that you may have experienced while submitting plagiarized assignments. You should read them and be careful while doing this to avoid such problems in your career.

Ø Avoid Low Grade

According to analysis, a professor hates duplication the most than any other act. It might be possible that you are given extra time to submit your assignment on your request.

But if submit a copied assignment and your instructor has caught you, it might be possible that you will be labeled with an F grade. It means that your actions will harm your educational career by showing such a lower grade on your report card.

Many students have reported that their professors have given them F grades or lower grades just because of plagiarism. So, it would be better to invest a few hours in writing assignments instead of pushing your educational career into danger.

Ø Protect Work’s Integrity

When you have copied content for your assignment from the internet or any of your friends, it will leave a bad impact on your work’s integrity too. It might be possible that no one will believe in your words or the research that you have done for writing your assignment.

As a result, your efforts will go in vain and you will not be able to secure a good reputation in front of your teacher.

Final Say

In the above blog, we have discussed how plagiarism can harm your educational career and assignments. You should keep these harmful effects in your mind before copying someone from the internet.

It would be better to rewrite those lines that have been found under the plagiarized section. By doing this, you will be able to get better outcomes from your effort.


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