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How to Find an Old Friend: 15 Best Free People Search Websites

Looking for a lost friend? Today, it's easier than ever before to find anyone online with these people’s search websites.

Finding an old friend or co-worker is much easier now than it used to be. If you have a specific list of people search websites, you may use it to find out your friend's phone number, sort their location, email addresses, social media profiles, see their family members, work history, associates, and other data.

Each of the following websites has been thoroughly checked for quality and consistency. Here are the 15 best sites on the web for finding old friends.

List of Best People Search Sites to Find an Old Friend

1. Truthfinder: Find Old Military Friends

TruePeopleSearch is one of the most influential people search websites for finding people online. You can find anyone by using their cell phone or home phone number, name, or physical address.

TruthFinder is the most popular website for public records in the United States. It searches hundreds of millions of public records, social network data, and other sources to provide you with a comprehensive report on the individual you're looking for. You may check up on anyone's social media images, contact information, as well as police records, court records, and other information. It provides accurate data.


  • Best for historical checks
  • Exact US results
  • Huge database 
  • Display results by using various search navigational tools, i.e., reverse phone number


  • Fundamental data with the expectation of complimentary customers
  • Show limited results. 

2. US Search: Find Anyone Using Only Their Username

US Search is a reliable website for finding your old friend in the United States. It offers a simple user interface that allows you to enter your first and last name and get results in seconds. If you require faster results, you can provide additional data to detect outcomes quickly.

US Search is a reverse search engine that finds people based on their username, email address, or phone number.

Furthermore, the US Search evaluation system has been significantly increased for a registry check. In short, US Search contains a massive amount of information and the most established web data available. 


  • Accurate data
  • Quick Search
  • US-based search only
  • More consolidated information base
  • Find a person with their username


  • Restricted data with the expectation of complimentary search

3. Been Verified: Everyday Information -  Property and Contact Info

BeenVerified is more than just a people search website. They give users access to billions of records from authoritative sources. They've been dedicated to privacy for over ten years. BeenVerified is one of the undisputed picks on people's search sites due to its ease of use, and its list of capabilities makes it different from other search sites. 

It allows you to search by name, email address, phone number, or location. You can use BeenVerified to find and contact old friends, family members, and classmates.

BeenVerified covers everything you'd anticipate, such as social media accounts, photos, peers and associations, competence records, address history, foundation records, Lookup used autos, internet vendors before you buy, and so on. However, some items may be restricted to the United States. However, BeenVerified is available both as a website & a versatile app for Android and iOS. 


  • Credible data
  • Lookup used autos
  • Provides a criminal record
  • Reasonable help
  • Connect with customers and clients
  • Unlimited People, Vehicle, Property, and Contact Info
  • Accessible application for mobile phones


  • Give accessible data for only US residents

4. Pipl: Use To Find Old Friend Online

Pipl is the most well-known online people search website, and it is rightly considered to work virtually in every country and provide exceptionally accurate results. On pipl, you can search by name. You can also use a complete first or last name alone. Pipl enables you to efficiently obtain competent social and contact information to find any of your old friends. 

Pipl search displays rich internet identification information organized for quick identity verification, together with investigative details and insights, on a single page. Pipl's unparalleled identity data is connected with your systems for real-time identity verification and contact enrichment applications. 

Furthermore, it reduces customer friction, helps fight fraud, and decreases the time spent reviewing and researching! With Pipl, you solve cases faster by locating the real person behind even the most ambiguous identity information. 


  • Exact data
  • Web-based media connection
  • Negligible data required
  • Accessible Worldwide


  • Extravagant
  • Built for business users, so membership fees aren't cheap.
  • No free results; must pay for any details.

5. Spokeo: A Guide to Reconnecting with Old Friends

Reconnecting with an old buddy might be difficult. They may have relocated, changed careers, or even changed their names. Using a person's search tool like Spokeo, you can locate a phone number, email address, mailing address, or even social network profiles with just a little information.

Furthermore, you could use the assistance without using a VPN; you will be unable to locate any of your friends when they do not live in the United States. If you are looking for people in the United States, this is probably the best finder you can use.


  • Best for interacting with people
  • Simple to use


  • Very expensive

6. PeekYou: People Search Made Easy

The Peekyou platform can be used for various objectives, including locating family, reconnecting with old friends or classmates, and obtaining contact information. You can find social links, photos, work history, alumni info, family, and more.

PeekYou does not provide timely business and employment services. Despite this, it remains one of the most famous people search sites on our list to find your friend and in general.

You can look up people by name, location, search by usernames across many social networking sites. While this site works best when looking for someone in the United States, it also works well when searching globally for social media accounts.


  • The unique calculation to provide accurate results
  • Search Worldwide 
  • No registration required


  • Results are restricted

7. Instant Checkmate: Track Down Almost Anyone

Instant Checkmate has been used to find long-lost family members, childhood friends, and even check in with a high school sweetheart. It makes no difference why you desire to meet someone. This is one of the world's most significant people search sites, and it can find almost everyone in the United States in seconds.

Moreover, Instant Checkmate, which is exclusively available in the United States, allows you to view a person's criminal histories, relevant court files, residences, age, phone numbers, and so on.

You can search by name, city, and state. It gathers data from internet profiles, government information sources, state and national information sources, and other sources.


  • Search through open access information
  • Best for criminal and personal investigations
  • Access property information
  • Easy to use
  • US-based only


  • The premium cost for definitive information

8. PeopleFinder: Find Your Lost Friend Online Fast

If you need to reconnect with a friend you've lost contact with, PeopleFinder is an excellent place to search. It allows you to search by name, city, and state. It has collected a large amount of publicly available information to identify a person accurately. PeopleFinder also makes use of Intelius backend management for more detailed reporting.

As with PeopleFinder, it offers a total location in any event, with the expectation of a complimentary search. If you choose to pay, you will gain access to the entire report, including information about family members, phone numbers, court records, and much more. 


  • Best with the expectation of complimentary search 
  • US Search only
  • Very reasonable
  • Look at criminal and social records.


  • Query items can take significant time.

9. Whitepages: Reconnect with Old Friends

Whitepages is much more than just a people finder service. It allows you to search your old friend by name, phone, or address worldwide. It's a fantastic tool for users who want something other than friendly or expert information. 

In other cases, the website provides a detailed context that gives an account of an individual that includes information such as contact, addresses, properties, court, criminal records, liens, decisions, and so on.

If you're simply looking for some old friends, Whitepages can still provide great assistance, as it offers information about friends, relatives, and partners, current contact information, and much more. As a result, it is without a doubt a useful website. You also get both Android (free, offers in-app purchases) and iOS (free, offers in-app purchases) applications to find lost friends.


  • Best for recruiting workers
  • Precise contact data
  • Worldwide inquiry accessible


  • Restricted dataset

10. Facebook: Connecting with Old Friends

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, there's a high possibility the person you're looking for has a profile there. You're probably looking for old buddies through complicated search engines. There's more to a Facebook search than you may realize. 

Facebook connects people and fosters connections. We do this by connecting users in the News Feed to meaningful posts from their friends and family. It's a vast place to find anyone online.

Facebook Graph Search aims to provide results for regular language queries. For example, you can look for people based on where they work, their interests, their location, places they've visited, and so on. You can even search for people using the "Discover Friends" feature, which allows you to search for channels based on various criteria. In general, Facebook is a fantastic people finder and one of the best places to look for people worldwide.


  • Search dependent on interests, place, school
  • Unparalleled social diagram
  • Easy to use
  • Accessible universally
  • Search Worldwide


  • Not for historical verifications

11. LinkedIn: Finding Former Colleagues and Coworkers

LinkedIn is the best place to look for people based on their professional qualifications. With Linkedin, Finding a former colleague is easier because it allows you to find the most relevant professionals you're looking for. 

LinkedIn's search page also includes a handy sidebar that can refine your search using channels. As a result, if you're looking for someone you met at a planned event, LinkedIn makes it simple to find them helpful.


  • The incredible stage for bosses
  • Get proficient subtleties
  • Helpful sidebar for sifting
  • Customized proposal


  • Premium membership expected to receive the best in return

12. Find Your Old Classmates is worth looking at if you only want to find old classmates (rather than colleagues or neighbors). The site supported Canada and a few key international locations, targeting Americans.

One of the site’s best features is that you don't have to create an account to see if people you know have an account. Simply select the state from which you graduated, then the city, and finally the school, and you will see the members who are associated with it.

If you want to contact people you know and send them a message, you must first sign up.


  • is a Facebook-like function.
  • Tag yourself and others on every page of your old yearbooks.
  • Reconnect with old classmates


  • The tagging feature doesn’t always work.
  • Old Looking Website

13. Truecaller: Easiest Way to Find Anyone Using Phone Number

Want to call an old friend but lose their number? Truecaller is an excellent resource for finding and reconnecting with people you've lost contact with. Truecaller allows you to look up phone numbers to find out who is calling.

Truecaller also had a significant impact on someone's life. These include working with law enforcement agencies to prevent crimes, prevent financial fraud, and even save lives.


  • Can discover the name, estimated area of a person utilizing the telephone number
  • Deals with web
  • Free to use
  • Best to find and connect people


  • Requires telephone number

14. Zabasearch: The Best Name Search Engine

When looking for an old friend, their contact information, or addresses, ZabaSearch provides more options that are essentially free because it contains all public data.

Looking for someone with a common name can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, thanks to Zabasearch's People Search tool, you can now find almost anyone for free. Simply enter your first and last name to use this free people search site.

ZabaSearch report, like all of the places in the overview, addresses you with all of your personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, names, ages, and so on. 


  • Display personal information like addresses, numbers, names, etc.
  • Give some data for free.


  • The free report doesn't have any subtitles.
  • Not as exceptional as similar destinations.
  • Lots of ads.

15. Google: Find an Old Friend All Over the Internet

Google Search may not be promoted as a people searcher, but it can do this job. You can look for your friend by using names that include specific keywords such as location, occupation, and interests.

To find your old friend online, use Google's reverse image search by searching with an image. Additionally, Google provides several tools and filters, such as time, country, and a high-level pursuit page, where you may simply narrow your search.

Using Google advanced search operators while entering Alex Clare will give a general search for that name; however, putting the name in quotes and adding relevant information, such as where he's from or where he went to school, can be extremely helpful.

Example: "Alex Clare" Florida "Academy Name"


  •        Accurate Results
  •        Fast Results
  •        Worldwide Search


  •        Too many same Results

FreePeopleSearch: Find Old Friends With Ease 

FreePeopleSearch is a great tool to leverage when you want to find an old friend. What makes this website special is that you can search in more than one way, so you can leverage whatever information you have. You can search for someone by name, address, or even their phone number. Therefore, even if you're missing some information, FreePeopleSearch has you covered. Another aspect of FreePeopleSearch that makes it one of the best options is how the search engine works. It starts as a free people look up search engine that doesn't just stop at helping you find an old friend – it can help you view all of their public records with a full report. Ultimately, FreePeopleSearch is a powerful public records search tool that combs through millions of public records databases across the United States to compile a full report that contains their name, address, phone number, criminal record, sex offender status, and much more.


  • Running the initial search is 100% free
  • Precise results from databases across the United States
  • Connected to millions of public records databases
  • Multiple ways to search


  • A small fee to open the full report
  • It takes time for the search results to load


Q. How to find old friends for free?

Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to help you find your old friend, no matter where they've gone.

  • You can find someone on Facebook.
  • Searching for Someone on a Different Social Media Platform.
  • Find someone on the internet.
  • Use Professional people finding services.

Q. Which is the Best Free Website to Find Your Old Friend?

Pipl and PeopleFinder are the best free websites that permit you to find old friends with free subscriptions but in a restricted way.

Q. What is The Best Way to Search for a Friend?

People Search Sites are possibly the simplest way to find a friend. We've mentioned several websites above, so go through them and find your favorite.

Q. What is the Best Website to Find a Friend's Address?

PeopleFinder had the option to show later and past addresses of a friend without paying any charge, so you should give that a shot.

Q. Which is the Best Free Website to Find a Friend?

Truthfinder and PeopleFinder are a couple of sites that permit you to discover a friend free of charge though in a restricted way.


Looking through old friend search websites has never been easier or more enjoyable, and we've covered some of the search websites you'll need in this article. These people finder websites allow you to connect with old friends who are not with you. Keep in mind that each has a key description that you will recognize after carefully reading them.


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