Tuesday, 25 October 2016 05:55

People actually are Googling Donald Trump Iraq like Hillary Clinton suggested at the final debate


Instead of awkwardly trying to send viewers to HillaryClinton.com during the final presidential debate, the Democratic nominee has decided everyone can just use Google for fact-checking. 

Hillary Clinton said, “Donald is implying that he didn’t support the invasion of Iraq” and when her opponent Donald Trump twice interjected “Wrong!” she told the audience to just Google it. “You know, I just want everybody to go Google it. Google ‘Donald Trump Iraq’ and you will see the dozens of sources which verify that he was for the invasion of Iraq.”

Trump said “Wrong!” a third time, but some viewers followed her instructions. When Clinton made the comment, there was a surge of people searching the phrase “Donald Trump Iraq.” Since Google doesn’t disclose the absolute volume of the searches, it’s hard to know what percent of the electorate wanted to know more about Trump’s position, but it’s clear people did visit the search engine.


(Via Google Trends)

To reiterate her point, Clinton tweeted a link to a Google search for “Trump Iraq war” after the debate. She is the literal embodiment of “Let me Google that for you.”

If you do choose to follow Clinton’s advice, you’ll find several fact-checking websites have verified that Trump did support the war and that his claims of opposition are false. Clinton doesn’t need to rely on her own website to clear up this debate issue.

Source : qz.com


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