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One of the Largest Dark Web Vendors in Australia Shares His Experience


Ausking is arguably the largest dark web vendor Australia has at the moment.

The dark web vendor has dabbled in almost every type of illegal substance including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.

He runs more than a few businesses extending over various darknet markets, including the AlphaBay market, where he boasts of a perfect 10/10 rating.

Being one of the elite dark web traders in Australia, his customers expect nothing but high-quality products and top-notch services, which is according to his delivery and feedback rating, he consistently delivers.

In addition to next-day delivery, customers can also rest a bit easier since Ausking’s OPSEC is incapable of making mistakes.

Violence is Counterproductive to the Drug Trade

When asked what he attributes his success to, “hard work, honesty, integrity and quality” is what Ausking says.

Surprisingly, his dark web trade breaks out of the stereotype associated with drug vendors of any kind—that they’re violent, untrustworthy and quite often involved in some form of organized crime.

From the looks of things, however, Ausking runs a very clean operation and despite its legality, upholds it in the same standards as a thriving legal business enterprise.

Ausking’s preference for the dark web to conduct his trade was mostly influenced by his dislike for violence, which he reckons is a very counter-productive factor in any business.

Using the dark web, as Asking explains, eliminates the violence factor almost completely.

Statistically speaking, his claim that violence is drastically reduced when using the dark web is, in fact, true.

The Drug Vendor Dislikes Killers for Hire and Pedophiles

In response to a moral question that seemingly bundled him in the same category as hitmen and pedophiles, Ausking said that such people, although present on various dark web platforms, were a rarity on major darknet markets, which have strong censorship against such immoral acts.

Ausking went on to express his abhorrence for such activities and people.

Heroin Generates the Most Profits

Ausking’s selling everything from weed and coke to meth and heroin.

On to the subject of his profits, Ausking was willing to disclose that currently, the product that racks him the tidiest profit is pure Afghan heroin.

He attributes his stellar profits to the fact that he is among the most reliable vendors on the dark web at the moment and the extent of his customer base which is currently spread across the world. 

The size of the dark web vendor’s business at the moment is comparable to that of a Fortune 500 company except for the illegal nature of the substances he deals with.

Moral Repercussions

Being a drug dealer always comes with its moral baggage, especially when one considers the users of the substance they peddle.

Heroin addiction is without a doubt one of the most prevalent drug problems in the world right now, which largely contributes to its high demand.

When confronted with the question about how he deals with small-scale buyers of his product who are quite often users of the drug, Ausking responded saying that his was more than just a sell-and-move-on gig.

Ausking always follows up every small scale with warnings of the health risks associated with the drugs. He mentioned that he puts extra efforts into educating his users.

Apparently, the review system on most of the major dark web drug marketplaces contained comprehensive information concerning drug potencies and effects.

This is a step up from the street trade where you get what you see and there is often now way to determine the purity of the product, let alone learn its side effects.

Ausking Does Not Conform to Stereotypical Nuances

Ausking runs his business based on the philosophy that people should be allowed to choose their own form of recreational drugs since the legal ones such as alcohol and nicotine are just as harmful.

The legalization of such substances, according to Ausking, would mean the end of violent drug cartels and the introduction of legit companies which would inject more money into the war against drug dependency in order to enlighten more people on the dangers of drug addiction.

He also claimed that the stereotype that drug dealers are bad people was a product of narrow-minded people.

Drug vendors, especially on the dark net markets, could be literally anyone including law enforcement agents and to hold such prejudices is shallow.

When asked about the continuity of the dark net markets in the wake of the numerous laws governing against the dark web and technological advancements, Ausking is confident that dark net markets will always have their place in the dark web, especially when it comes to filling the niches the street trade cannot and the reduced risks involved in purchasing the product.

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Source:  https://darkwebnews.com


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