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Niche Search Engines That Find What Others Can't

By  [This article is originally published in written by Jerri Collins]

Niche search engines are tools designed to dig deep into the hidden, or invisible, part of the Web not easily accessed by general search queries. These search engines will find content that you won't be able to find with a generalized web search. 

The following search engines focus on a wide variety of content areas - books, medical information, images, books, mathematical information, etc. You can use these search engines to unearth hidden gems of content, discover untapped sources of information, and uncover resources that you never even knew existed. 

Mathematics and Science Search Engines

GettyImages-188093718-5891189d5f9b5874eeb135ad Niche Search Engines That Find What Others Can't

Whether you need to solve a complicated math problem or look up scholarly discussions of eclipses, the following search engines can help you find solutions to a wide variety of mathematical and science-related questions.

  • Ten Things You Can Do with Wolfram Alpha: These Wolfram Alpha shortcuts will help you frame your queries more efficiently and retrieve hyper-appropriate results.
  • Medical Search Engines: Use these medical search engines to find answers to your medical questions, get more information about various health topics, or just to learn something new. 

Books and Printed Materials Search Engines

books-shelve-57fc147a3df78c690f7d356a Niche Search Engines That Find What Others Can't

Whether you're looking for a rare book, a used book, an audiobook, or a comic book, chances are you can find it on the Web using one of these excellent book search engines that focus purely on books, magazines, and other printed materials.

Social Networking Sites Search Engines

socialmediafindingpeople-5679e6d85f9b586a9e81f0f4 Niche Search Engines That Find What Others Can't

Search within popular social networking sites, or search across a wide span of different social sites; you can do that with the following search tools.

  • Twitter Search Engines: Here are the top five best Twitter search engines that you can use to find people, popular content, links, and much more.
  • Six Ways You Can Use the Real-Time Web: What is the real-time Web? Basically, the real-time Web is simply a catchphrase for almost instant information, from conversations to news to collaboration. These search engines help you target exactly what you're trying to find on the real-time Web.

Torrent Files Search Engines

file-sharing-56a9fbb43df78cf772abe636 Niche Search Engines That Find What Others Can't

Torrent search engines make it easy for searchers to locate files across a number of different torrent sites.

  • The Top Torrent Sites: There are so many torrent sites on the Web! How do you know which ones are the best? Here are the top ten torrent sites where you can consistently find good-quality torrents to download. 

Images and Multimedia

movietheater-56d102635f9b5879cc739787 Niche Search Engines That Find What Others Can't

Whether you're looking for an image, an obscure video, or simply want to see the latest and greatest movie trailers, the Web is a good place to look. Here are the top underground search engines that take multimedia content and focus on making it as searchable as possible.

Invisible Web Search Engines

worldwideweb-5679e67f5f9b586a9e81ef1a Niche Search Engines That Find What Others Can't

The Deep, or Invisible, The Web holds much more content than what you can find with a general search engine query. The following search engines can help you access that material.

  • How to Mine the Invisible Web: The Ultimate Guide: The Invisible Web is a mammoth resource that is mostly untapped. Learn how to discover Invisible Web resources with this comprehensive, ultimate guide to searching the Invisible Web's goldmine of information.

People and Family Search Engines

FindPeopleOnline-5679df8a3df78ccc154b2145 Niche Search Engines That Find What Others Can't

Finding people, communicating with people, keeping in touch with people....these activities are the most popular on the Web and with good reason. Connect with others you might have lost touch with underground people search engines.

  • Invisible Web People Search: The Invisible Web is a goldmine of information, and since the Invisible Web is larger by far than the parts of the Web we can access with a simple search engine query, there's potentially much more information available.
  • Use the Web to Conduct a Background Check: Want to get information on someone you know, or see what's on the record for yourself? You can use the Web to do a free background check via a multitude of free sources.

[This article is originally published in written by Jerri Collins - Uploaded by Member: Joshua Simon] 

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