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New Private Browser -Tenta- Launches – Offers Heightened Security, Protects Freedoms for Web Surfers


(1888PressRelease) January 10, 2017 – A new private browser is disrupting the Android market. Tenta, a mobile browser with Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities, is redefining privacy and security on the web. At a time when many people around the world are facing restricted web access enforced by constrictive legislation and policies, Tenta offers a truly private browser where your data is safe and your freedoms, protected.

Several key features set the browser apart from competitors, including:
International Zones: Tap into the web through your choice of VPN server locations such as Amsterdam, Miami, or Seattle (in addition to local servers).

Multiple DNS Choices: Seamlessly switch between DNS servers in app without having to manually adjust your web settings.

Pin Protection: Nobody needs to access your browsing data except for you – keep your history private from those around you with a personal pin number.

Privacy-first Search Engines: Explore the web through a built in search engine that prioritizes privacy as much as we do.

Encrypted Connection: Your online activity isn’t only inaccessible to those around you, but also to those you can’t see.

Secure Data Storage: Protect your media with encryption. Downloaded and store multimedia files securely – including personal videos, images, and more – in the Tenta Vault.

Per App VPN: Tenta will secure any data you tell it to. Simply specify which apps need the added security of a VPN.

Device Wide VPN: Or secure all your data through a Virtual Private Network – even when you leave the Tenta app.

Most browsers offer Private Browsing Mode (or PBM) as a feature, such as Chrome’s Incognito Mode and Private Browsing in Safari. They allow you to browse without accumulating a history, protecting your browsing habits from anyone with local access to your browser. However, online activity from private browsing sessions through big browsers like Chrome and Safari are still available to your ISP or Internet Service Provider. And when private browsing is turned off, your data is collected (and often, sold) as usual.

Tenta doesn’t offer private browsing as an afterthought like Chrome and Safari. Tenta is a private browser.

In fact, the founders take privacy so seriously, that even they can’t access their users’ data. “That pin code is not stored on any of our servers, so only you have access to your Tenta browser,” Tenta’s co-founder told Seattle news station, KUOW.

The team behind Tenta hopes to spur productive conversation surrounding online privacy and security, particularly during an internet era that is becoming increasingly regulated. By providing a creme de crop browsing experience, Tenta intends on leading by example and encouraging larger browsers to take privacy and security as seriously as they do.

For more information about Tenta, visit You can download Tenta for Android in Google Play:

Inquiries: press ( @ ) tenta dot io

About Tenta:
Tenta is a next generation browser designed for privacy and security without sacrificing speed and convenience. Unlike most browsers, Tenta’s business model is to protect your data instead of selling it. Released in late fall of last year, Tenta allows web users to browse privately and securely from anywhere in the world, regardless of any country’s restrictions and online censorship policies. Like Tenta on Facebook and follow Tenta on Twitter.

Tenta Browser

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