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4 Most Effective Ways to Use Google for Education

By  Katie

It's universally recognized in education that the optimal use of finite school resources lies within the classroom environment. Nevertheless, the substantial amount of groundwork that transpires in the background, bolstering the efficiency and effectiveness of educators, often goes overlooked. 

Many teachers, passionate about imparting knowledge, inadvertently neglect administrative duties, causing occasional friction with campus and school administrators. Developing a system that aids teachers in handling these crucial yet burdensome tasks can undoubtedly lead to substantial improvements across the country. This is where a Google for Education Partner can be a game-changer. They can assist in devising a system that harmoniously merges administrative tasks into the teaching routine.

  1. Google Alerts

Google offers a less commonly recognized, free service that monitors content alterations and sends notifications to users when new information related to their specified topic is found online. 

This application, which serves as an alert system, eliminates the need for repetitive, often tiresome internet browsing for updates on the same topic. Both students and teachers from American International College can utilize this straightforward tool to keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in their areas of interest.

  1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts, a standout offering from the tech titan Google, is your go-to platform for free video conferencing tailored for educators and students. Its unique features truly set it apart - think seamless integration with other Google powerhouses like YouTube, Gmail, and Calendar, and the ability to chat with up to ten users simultaneously. 

Teachers can leverage this dynamic tool to support their students, while students can squash any doubts they have, even if they're scattered in different locations. Schools can amp up the excitement by inviting guest speakers to inspire their students through virtual calls, or even bring in top-notch faculty members to hold online classes. This impressive app has already taken the spotlight, winning over the hearts of educators far and wide.

  1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom, a recent addition to Google's suite of tools introduced in 2014, is a learning management system designed to streamline creating, distributing, and grading assignments in a digital format.

It is a virtual classroom, centralizing all study materials and facilitating communication between students and teachers. This platform allows for easy distribution of announcements and sharing of ideas, even when you're not physically present in the class.

Students can readily ask questions, and teachers can easily post assignments or make class-wide announcements. A unique and highly appreciated feature of Google Classroom is the ability to reuse posts. This means that if an assignment bears similarities to a previous one, there's no need to start from scratch - simply repurpose the previous post.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive serves as a cloud-based repository enabling individuals to store their files in an online platform. It's not just about storing diverse file types, it also offers file synchronization across various devices and file sharing capabilities. 

Educational institutions can leverage this service to consolidate all learning resources and academic materials in one online location and distribute the link among teachers and students for easy access. 

As previously stated, teachers can use this platform to upload assignments into distinct folders for different classes, and students can reciprocally submit their completed homework. Including tools like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms further enriches this comprehensive suite.


Therefore, as demonstrated earlier, the progression of technology has significantly transformed our educational system, with Google leading this mission from the start. With the launch of G Suite for Education (formerly known as Google Apps for Education) over a decade ago, they've consistently put in considerable effort and developed robust tools and solutions. 

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