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Launch of Educational “Research Engine” edu.global Opens Door to Next Generation Web Access


Global Research Library Inc., announces the launch of www.edu.global, a revolutionary research optimized search engine, programmed to maximize efficiency for the education sector and beyond.

Designed for organizations including libraries, colleges and universities that realize the importance of providing their community a technological advantage, the edu.global search engine has been developed by a team of professional researchers to automatically refine search criteria. This refinement accelerates and streamlines access to its over 52 million eResources in one location.

One subscription to edu.global is the gateway for your organization to economically retrieve and/or download millions of books, maps and journal articles in 200 languages from 196 countries. Accessibility to new information increases daily as the platform expands.

Global Research Library Inc.’s founder Noel Montgomery Elliot commented “edu.global’s key advantage is enabled by re-indexing topics, tags, subjects and sub-categories, increasing our user’s ability to search at speeds never before possible while gaining access to materials that may be impossible to locate using traditional search engines.”

The Re-indexing Advantage:
Many resources online are indexed incorrectly, while others have no index at all, or don’t have a title to enable it to be categorized - rendering old classification systems ineffective.

Edu.global’s unique approach corrects errors, creates new indexes and re-categorizes eResources using proprietary methodologies. The end result is faster and easier searching, capable of narrowing-down millions of search results to the few specific items a researcher is looking for.

Whether you are looking to strengthen your organization’s database, or are an independent researcher looking for information about any person, place or thing, edu.global is the most powerful, easy to use “research engine” available.

About Global Research Library Inc.
Since the Company incorporated in 1981, Global Research Library’s print publications have been purchased and trusted by thousands of researchers, libraries and institutions across the globe. These were published under the company’s original name, The Genealogical Research Library, Inc.

To better meet the demands of its users and reflect its global mission, in 2014 the Company changed its name to Global Research Library Inc., which revealed for the first time its global mandate for academic and research purposes.

Visit: https://edu.global/

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